Shenzhen Lions Club training materials for 2010-2011


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          &training翻译nbsp;       2.Secretary of th深圳天气e data

    &lions英语怎么读nbspmaterials;             3.Shenzhen Lions Club 2010-2011 program objectives and job requiremtraining名词造句简单ents

                  4.Financial information

  &n深圳疫情最新动态bsp;               5.Annual theme and slogan of federation

                  6.2010-2011 Recognition and awards

                &nbspclubman; 7.2010-2011 Service team president respo深圳地铁线路图nsibilities

  &n深圳天气bsp;           &nbsp深圳天气;   8.Organization structure of Lions Club

  &nbsclubmanp;         &materials翻译nbsp;     9.About Lions Club

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