Tai Shing lion friends and children of Ming Ching Rehabilitation Centre for deaf Children celebrate Children’s Day

Big hands lead small hands
Tai Shing lion Friends and children of Ming Ching Rehabilitation Centre for deaf Children cecentre什么意思lebrate Children’s Day

          “ Our motherland is a gardencentre, the flowers of the garden arcentre怎么读e so bright. In the cheerful singing, the children of Mingjie Rehabilitation Center for deaf Children danced and welcomed the lions of Shenzhen Lions Club Tai Sheng Serfriends用英语怎么说vice Team with songs and dancefriends翻译s. “ Hello, uncle, aunt, thank uncle, thank aunt. The chfriends是什么意思ildren expressed their greetings and thanks in vague words.


         friends怎么读语音播放 &friends美剧nbsp; On June 1, 2011, the lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club Taisheng service team, led by the president Sun Jiayao, visited the children of Mingjie Rehabilitation Ce台湾nter for deaf Children in Dongcheng District of Dongguan to celebrate thchinglish翻译e Children’s Day. This was the first timfriends翻译e that taisheng Serchinglish的例子vice te泰拉瑞亚am love relay for disablcentre的名词ed children came to Dongguacentrepiecen. The lion friends of Tasheng service team sent three electronic or太原疫情gans, gongs, drums, toys and otchinglish的例子her gifts to the rehabilitation center to support the develochildren音标pment of the center for the children. Music Therapy & RDquo; In order to ac太乙hieve faster recorehabilitationvery, to help chchildren怎么读英语单词ildren from the silent world to the sound worlions英语怎么读ld is our common desire.

            Finally, lion frien名字ds had a discussion with the visiting publrehabilitation是什么意思ic welfare and caring personages, discussing how to mobilize social forces to support disabled children and vulnerable groups, a名侦探柯南nd c明日方舟ontribute to building a harmonious slionfishociety.

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