Yushu earthquake teachers to observe teaching

Teacher in Yushu earthquake area
Let's take a closer look at teaching

        [Shenzhen Economic Daily] (Reporter Chen Guanglin) Yesterday, nanshan Experimental School came to a group of special teacheearthquake翻译rs, they come from the quake-hit Yushu, Qinghai Tibetan teachers, to Shenzhen for the purpose of observing the teaching.

  &nteachers是什么意思bsp;         A total of 16 Tibetan teachers from The Third Complete Primary Steachingfeeling冷狐版下载chool in Yushu County, Qinghai province, were inteaching是什么意思vited by shenzhen Development Bank, Nanshan Experimental School and Shenzhen L雨水之欢苏媚和公爹ions Club to attend the school. Love Student Bank &teachingfeeling怎么攻略老板娘 MIDdot; Observing the teaching camp & RDquo; Theearthquakes first batch of yushu teachers. In the following two weeks, they will work and live with the teachers of Nanshan Experteachersimental School, deepteachingfeeling攻略ly understand shenzhen's education philosophy and teaching methods, and improve their te御书屋备用aching level through classroom interaction, teaching evaluation and other aspects of learning.

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