200 empty nest elderly get condolence money (source: Shenzhen Evening News A14)

200 empty-nest elderly get condolence money

            Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Ya) yesterday, instead of dementia mother-in-law took luohu District civil affairs bureau aelderly的中文意思nd caring people's 2000 yuan condolence gold, Wang Shengni gratefully shed tears, & LDquo; Mothemoney翻译r-in-law suffering from senile深圳疫情最新动态 dementia for many years, life can not take care of themselvesemptylove歌曲; Her husband is severemptylove歌曲ely disabled; My daughter is still in a vegetative state after themoney图片 ca哥谭第一季r accident. … ” Referring to her family's disource是什么意思fficulties, Wang repeatedly thanked the Luohu Civil Affairs Bureau and her community for helping her face life positively.

Su Zeran, director of the Lions Club in Shenzhen, hands oelderly和elderut condolence money and fruit to empty nesters from深证指数 poverty-stricken familiempty是什么意思es

    &nest怎么读nbmoney可数还是不可数sp; &nb个体工商户网上年检sp;     Year will come, luohu district has carried outelderly是什么词性 a series of extremely poor people to send a warm caring activities, including care empty-nesters extremely needy project is one of them, to the household registration of registered 200 strands of esourcempty nest elderly and their families to provide all kinds o深证指数f support, such as the organizatiomoney是可数名词吗n that support tesource insightam every month regularly to cleaning and doing the housework in themptylove歌曲e home for the elderly, to accompany thsource命令e old man chat, travel, etcempty的过去式.

&nest什么意思nbsp;         &nbs深圳疫情最新消息p; Related link: 200 empty nest elderly get condolence money

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