In the seventh campaign, 8,423 people donated blood

In the seventh campaign, 8,423 people donated blood

Shenzhen Evening News (Reporter Zhoucampaigning Qian cocampaign广告rrespondent Lu Shunhua)
Reporters learned yesterdonate的名词形式day from the ciseventhirty是什么意思ty blood center, red blood cell total inventory 3609U; Apheresis platelet 97U. Among them, the stock of whole bblood怎么读lood type O is relatively low, while the stoccampaign音标k of other bloopeople是什么意思d types is normal. Welcome to call 833people21999 to consult the blood donation point, and call 83252122 to make abloodmalletn appointment for blood donation of apheresis platelets.

Four mass blood donations were held this week. Among them, 103 peoplcampaigninge from the Lions Club’s Future Service team successfuldonated翻译ly donated blood. 62 people donated blood successfully in thpeople的复数形式e Lions Club Charity Service Tedonated怎么读am; The Lion Club camel Servibloodcce team successfulseventh翻译ly donated blood 40 people; 82 peocampaignerple donated blood successfully from thcampaignere Lions South China Sea Charity Collection Service team. In the coming week, lions Club Huayuan Service Team, Shenzhen Bolian Technology Co.,Ltd, Shenbloodbornezhen Metro Vdonated翻译olunteers Associatdonated翻译ion Grcampaign翻译oup 3, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co.,Ltd and Shenzhen Traffic Police Detachment Longhua Brigade Funan Squadron will also hpeople是什么意思old collective blood donpeople可数吗ation activities.

The city blopeople是可数名词还是不可数名词od center reminds us that tcampaignerhe number of blood doseventh怎么读nors in the sevepeople英语怎么读nth “Red Action” has successfully brcampaignsoken through the target of 7777 people. Now 65 events have bpeopleseen successfully carried out, with a total of 8423 people participating in blood donation and a total blood donation amount of 2.97 million milliliters.

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