Set of poems to welcome the 2017 New Year charity Gala

Lions love souls

The author is Shen Shi correspondent Liu Jun

In 2002,

Spring breeze caresses the earth

The lion roar resoundenew是什么意思英语d through Pengchengyearly city

Tyear函数he Shennew balancezhen Lions Clsettingub was finallyset是什么意思 established

“We serveTo witness the true meaning of charity

“Keep your spirits upGave the lion the soul of love

Pushing away the mountains

I know that

Cloud also want to wear clothes for the bluyear造句e sky

Lion love needs inheritance more

Charity dinner is coming in the call of love

The pieces and pieces

Is theyear函数 spirit of dedicsettingation of lion friesetbacknds, is lion friends sincere truth

Enthugalanzsiasm in the card, the sunew怎么读rging tone

That is not the existence of art

That’s the redset是什么意思 lion’s love

Zhang Zhang happy smiling face

The sound of hammering

Is the sougalal that touches the heacharity翻译rt

It’ssetup是什么意思 the beautiful snewsound osettingf nature

The lion loves itOut the spirit of

(2) Questioning

The authpoems怎么读or is Wang Daoming, Hualin Service Team

Hamnewsmer up and hammer down, sound clear

Like the morning bell,year怎么读 like a call to march

Morenew like, gently ask

Ask life, ask the soul

Ask shenzhen tonight

Ask thnew balancee true meaning of happcharity宽容的爱iness

The hollow echoes, softlyeary asking

You raise your hand, rcharity宽容的爱ainewgroundsse awelcome音标 charitable heart

Yyear翻译our answer is firm and forceful

Your answer is as warm as fire

Your answer is a tribute to lifewelcome怎么读

Yyear造句our answer is the affirmation of fwelcome中文翻译怎么说ate

Your answer is a holy olive branch

Your answer is another bonnewus of moral consciencenew是什么意思

Gentle inquiry

Gently wake up

Gently snew的反义词oothe

Thank you, wooden auction hammer

Tap thenew是什么意思英语 gilded sky

Tap the commercial Shenzhen

Tap the trembling human nature

Distinguished guests and friends

Dear brother and sister Lion

Greater China, love remains fragryear函数ance, New Year charity dcharity翻译inner

Your coming is the best answer

Your smile and your sign,newgrounds

It’s for all thosenew怎么读 in need, and it’s the brightest light of the night

A pwelcome用法iece of auction goods, a phone wechat

Every detail of the job

Both are the cohesion of the power of love and the spirit ofset翻译 dedication

Tonight’s dinnegalaxy是什么牌子rcharity的内涵意义

Is the song, is the dance, but also movingalakug soul moving

Hammer up and hammer down

Itgalaxy什么意思 is a tribute topoems综合征中文名 the inheritance of lion love

It is the torch and poem of five thousandcharity years culture

[Editor] Ma Huijuan cheng Zhaohua

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office


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