The fourth diabetes education activity entered the Longgang Crape Myrtle Community

The fourth diabetes education activity entered the Longgang Crape Myrtle Community

On February 4, 2018, the fourth diabetescrape education activity of Lions Club ofcommunity英语 Shenzhen was successfully held in Ziwei Community of Longgang Central Citcommunity复数y. Lion friends braved the cold wind to teach the knowledge of diabetes prevention and treatment to theentered翻译 community residents, and wrote Spring Festival couplets for the community residents, with a service fund of more than 20,000 yuan.

Zhang Feiyue, head of diabetes Woactivity翻译rking Group o龙港人才网f Warmth Project of Lions Assocactivity的四种启动模式iation of China, Nie Xiangdong, chairman of The fifth Zone of Lions Club of Sheducation翻译enzhen for 2017-2018, Dai Jiactivity生命周期hong, Wang Daoming, Huang Lisheng, Chairman of Diabetes Education Committeecommunity复数 K龙港市e Dehai, Executive Ceducation怎么读hairman Zhang Jian, Executive Chairman of Commufourth的音标nity Service Committee Huang Xuelan, Lai Yingni, executcommunity serviceive chairman of pcommunity造句eace Poster Commcommunity复数ittee and other leaders and communiteducation是什么意思y residents, more thactivity生命周期an 100 people participated in the activity. Activity by Nie Xiangdong as the chairman of the confereducation可数吗ence,activity什么意思呢 hosted by Hu Yingbin.

Wang Daoming deenteredlivered the welcome speech. Huang Lisheng introduced the guests. He introduced the diabetes education program and hoped that lion friends and commun龙港房产网ity residents could enhance their awareness of diabetes prevention and control and care for the health of their relatives and friends through thisentered怎么读 activity.

At the scene, doctors and nurses from Ziwei Shekang of Longgang District Pactivity复数eople’s Hospital provided services such as blood sugar and blood precommunity怎么读音ssure testing for clonggangommunity residcommunity翻译ents. Zhcommunity collegeang Feiyue preached “Diabetes Prevention and Treatment” to community residentsfourth是什么意思 and lion friendfourth造句s. Dragon City service team lion friends, calligrapher Deng Beikan scene, for community residents and lion friendseducation是什么意思 to write Spring Festival couplets.

Nie xiangdong made a concluding speech, thanking the organizers, cofourth缩写-organizer泷冈阡表s and community residents for their support of the event. He praised Zhang Feiyue for her wonderful and easy to understand speech, reminding everyone to pay attention to diet and keep healthy and good living habits during the Sp龙岗第一课rifourth翻译ng Festivadiabetes是什么意思英语l.

[Text] Wang Qin

Lifourth的音标u Zhiqing Chen Yuqing

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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