High-tech Service Team: hold the 15th anniversary celebration and the 2018-2019 inaugural ceremony of the new term

High-tech Service Team:   The 15th anniversary celebration and the inauguration ceremony of the 2018-2019 New Leadership will be held

“As long as everyone gives a little love, theteamviewer world will become a better world!”

On June 29, 2018, the 15th anniversary celebration and 2018-2019 inaugural ceremony of Shenzhen Lions High-tech Secelebration是什么意思中文翻译rvice Team was held in the conference hall on the 5th floanniversary中文翻译or of Sanuo Building in Nanshan District. Shenzhen lion long wu xm, the last President of 2017-2018 supervisors ShiJianYong, former President of Lin Thightao, Zhenserviceg Degang, long picketechnologyt Deng Yi, the third section cha桃花源记翻译irman wang, chairman of the ninth partition MiaoJun scene, chairman of the tenth partition Xu Qiubin, sm BiYongTao, stamp collecting club chairman TongXin, high service lion friends, families and society loving people and more thigh翻译han 140 peophighestle attended the ceremony. The celebration wahigh翻译s chaired by Ma Huada, Canniversary什么意思hen Ying and Wang Bo.

The VCR planniversary中文翻译ayed on the big screen led everyone to review the lion Road journey of the high-tech Service Team in the past 15 years. The lion friends were moved by the ehigh怎么读fforts of all the letechnologyaders of the high-tech Service Team, and offered flowers to them to thank them for their hard work and practice of the spirit of “Four out”anniversary缩写. They vowed to follow the examplhigh翻译e of the 15 captains and pass on the charity work of the Liservice怎么读ons Club.

Captain Chen Qunhao made a summary of the annual work of the high-tech Service Team, thanking the lion friends for their strong support of this year’s work; Thanks ttechniciano the 15 years since the establishment of hi通货膨胀下什么最保值gh-tech Service team, every captain and team dedicated to the service team; Thanks to all the lion friends who love public welteams手机版fare and are willing to conanniversary怎么读tribute for the developmenttechnical and growth of high-tech sercelebrations是什么意思vice team!

Subsequently, David Lee for high-techhighest service team 2017-2018 annual financial ranniversaryeport. Chen praised the li褪黑素on fanniversary翻译riends for their contributions and thanked them for their support tohigh的名词 the work.

Under the joint witness of wu Xiaoming, Shi Jianyong, Lin Tao, Zheng Degang桃花源记, Deng Yi and other leaders, Chen Qunhao handed over the hammer and ribbon to Weteamworknanniversarycelebration什么意思 Yanmei. The old and new captains solemnly held the h同花顺andover ceremotechnologyny. At the same time, new members hold an initiahold ontion ceremony.

Captainhighlight Wen Yanmei delivered a warm inaugural speech and introduced tanniversary周年纪念he New Year’celebration是什么意思中文翻译s work plan, saying that she would lead the high-tech service team to achieve more achievements in all aspects.

Shi Jianyong, the former prservice是什么意思中文翻译esident, highly praised the outstanhigh的名词ding achievements of the team led by Chen Qunhao in 2017-2018, and hadservice是什么故障灯 high hopes for the work of the new team led by Wen Yanmei.

On the day of the celebration, the lion friends celebrated the birthday ofhigh怎么读 li Huatechnique, Jia Liuyi, Xu Bo, Wang Shuxin, Du Juan and other lion frianniversary怎么读ends of the high-tech service team, prepared birthday cahigh是什么意思kes for them, and sent sincere wishes!

The New Year will usher in a new beservicemanginning. We will continue to pass on the love of lions and make the public welhighestfarecelebrations cause of Lions club flourish forever!

By Chen Ying/Huang Lijuan

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