The 2018 -- 2019 Leadership Training of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully completed

The 2018 -- 2019 Leadership Training of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully completed

From September 7 to 9, 2018, Lions Clubleadership的中文意思 Shenzhen 2018 -- 2019 Leadership Training was held in Dongguan Tang La Yaxiu Hlions翻译中文otel. A t深圳大学otal of 90 service t深圳疫情eam leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club attenleadership的定义ded the traiclubning. Former Executive Vice President of The Dom深圳地铁线路图estic Lions Association Zhang Guojun, 2018-2019 President of the Shenzhen Lions Club Ma Min, last president Ti深圳an Wangxing, first vice President Weng Hua, second vice Prtraining是什么牌子esident Lu Z深圳疫情最新动态hiqiang, former president Shi Jianyong, Chief Financial Officer Luo Jinsong, Chief Executive Officer Guo Yongyong,lions是什么意思 Chief inspector Peng Daojian, Deputy Secretary General Deng Yi, etc. attended the ceremon深圳疫情y. 23 lecturers participate in on深圳风险等级-site teaching,深圳疫情最新消息 teaching assistants an深圳d logistics services.

Before the training officially began, huang Yiqun, the formertraining head of the lecture grotraining造句up, led all the students to get closer to each other quickly by breaking the ice.

At the opening ceremony, Weng Hua, the first vice president, dtraining是什么牌子elivered a speech anlions的音标d congratulated the admitted lions. He hoped that the lions would improve their leadclub是什么酒ership through the three-day and two-night traleadership翻译ining and make morwash怎么读e outstanding contributions to the developmentrainingt of Shenzhlions是什么意思en Lions Club.

President Ma Min gave atraining是什么意思英语 speech on the stage, thanking the lion friends for their attention to the training and the lecturlions翻译中文ers' meticulous prepawash怎么读ration for mclub是什么酒ore than two months. She exprlions英语怎么读essed her hoclub是什么意思pe that all lion friends would study hard and put what thelions读音y have learned into practicleadership的中文意思e to live up to the lectulions翻译中文rers' wonderful presentation.

The head teacher Jiang Xiezhen and the chief lleadership的中文意思ecturer Wu Zhijian introduced the matters needinlions英语怎么读g attention and the course summary.

During the training, the instructor group presented 11 wonderful and down-to-earleadershipth courses for the students. On the afternoon of the 7th,lion是什么意思中文翻译 Zhang Guoyun and Jiang Xiezhen jointly explained the past, preclubmed官网预订sent and Future of t深圳风险等级he Lions Club to guide the atrainingpeaksudience to think about the future development direction of the Lions Cluclub是什么意思b after understandingwas the domestic characlubscteristics of the lions Club. Wang Danya gave a lecture on "深圳地铁线路图Changing Leadership", which made people realize that "change" itself is a manifestation of leadershisuccessfully是什么意思p. Zhang Shijun started fromlion是什么意思 the team, plionseople-oriented,was是什么意思 lecturing the "Support lions Club Team" course; Lu zhiqiang introduced the party building work of Shenzhen Lions Club through the establishment of "functional Party branch". That night, thtraining是什么牌子e students continu深圳疫情最新动态ed to r深圳疫情最新消息eturn to the classroom, under yi Dongsheng's call, took off his shoes and rolled up his trouser legs, to a lifetime unforgettable "journey of life".

On the 8th, Rong Jing, the head of the lecture group, brought us the interactive and highly participatory Public Speaking. Fang Mansong gave a lecture on Diversity, leading the studeclub用英语怎么说nts to look at lions Club from a higlions是什么意思her and broader perspective. The instructor Yi Dongssuccessfully造句heng, who had been very popular with liowas是什么意思n frwas怎么读iends inleadership英语作文 the previous day's extended game, broughtsuccessfully造句 the pract深证指数ical course "Time Management"; Zhang Shijun gaveclubmed官网预订 a lecture on "Communication and Listening" for students to learn how to enhance lion frtraining衣服品牌iendship and encourage other lion friendsuccessfully翻译s. Wu Zhijian explained "Conflict Resolution" and guided lion friends to determine the ssuccessfully怎么读olution to cleadership的中文意思onflsuccessfully造句ict according to the needs of each other. Su youhua put potatoes on the training tableclub怎么读 and gave a lecture on "Creative Thinking", which made everyone mistakeleadership是什么意思nly think they were going to have hot and sour potato for lunch...

At the dinnwasper party on the 8th, 9 groups of the training claslionsgates wrote, direunsuccessfullycted and actlions是什么意思ed their own PK according to the assign深圳疫情最新消息ment of "Creative Thinking", which added infinite joy to the dinner party. Leaders of the district coulions是什么意思ncil and representalions怎么读tives of previous leadership traitraining造句简单ning students were present to witness the debriefing perforsuccessfully是什么意思英语mance of the students and cheer them on. Atrainingpeaksfter the competition, the "Grand View Garden Regular Meeting" performed by the 8th group of leadlions是什么意思ershipleadership英文解释 training students won the best performance award, the "New Way of Learning Classics" performed by the 5th group and the "Mobile Phone 3lions是什么意思" performed by the 1st group won the best props award and the best creativity award respectively.

On the morning of the 9th, Huang Yiqun gave a lecture on "Inspiring Members", which taught us the knowclubledge of praise and crleadership需要具备哪些能力iticism.深圳疫情最新消息 Li Chunchang lectured on "Goal Setting" on the importance of goal setting alions的音标nd hwas怎么读ow to effectively develop an action plan. In the afternoon of The 9th, participants sewash怎么读lected the theme of the speech by drawing lots and presented it for 3 minutes in a challenging atmosphere with clear rules. Eachtraining翻译中文 student is not only a speaker, but also a reviewer. By thinking from different angles, they can have a mosuccessfully是什么意思英语re comprehensive cogniti深圳大学on and experience of the speech theme. In the end, the students submitted a satisfactolions英语怎么读ry answer paper for the trainin深圳疫情最新动态g thrsuccessfully是什么意思英语ough excellent presentatiolions翻译n.

During the three days and two nights of training, twassuphe students actively participated in the course interaction and listened to the courses carefully. They highly appraised the training organization, course arrangement and lecturers' teaching level. After more than two months of organization and planning, the lecturing group fully dtraining怎么读emonstrated its professional, efficient and united style. At the graduation ceremony, the students held up theirlions怎么读 precious certificate of graduation and took a photo with the leading lion friendstraining翻译中文 and all the lecturers.

The purpose of training is to pclubmanrovide better service. We believe that the trainees will surely apply what theyclub用英语怎么说 have learned to the service wtraining翻译ork and service of each service team. In the "service season" just opened, they will implement the key work of the service team one by one. Let us lleadership的四种类型ive up to the glorious mission of captaiwaspn, and jointly promote the implementation of the annual work plan without regret.

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