“Fuel For Action” is a heart-warming holiday for poor families

“Fuel For Action” is a heartwarming holiday for poor families

Source: Shenzhen Evening News & NBSP;   &nholiday翻译bsp;   January 21, 2019

Shenzhen Evening News (Reporter Chen Yiheng) January 20th morning, 58 shenzhen love action public foundfuel怎么读ation, shenzhen shenzhen liofamilies是什么意思英语ns checkpoint service hand in hand, the shenzhen Red Cross to poor service and love partner, nanpoorlyyang commercial bank (China) shenzhen branch and shenzhen nanshan semiconductor manufacturing co., LTD. Held in shenpoorestzhen childrheartfelten’s hospital “renewing warmtheart什么意思英语h onfamilies可以指家人吗” poor family spring sympathy activitactionsies, We distributed red envelopes anfuel是什么意思中文d festive gifts to 130 poor families anholidaysd sent them warm care frholiday什么意思om all walks of life in Shenzhen.

Nanyang Commercial Bank (China) Shenzhen Branch specially prepared a New Year giftholiday怎么读 paheartworkckage worth 30,000 yuan as awarming up什么意思 small gfamilies可以指家人吗esture to the poor families. Shenzhen Nanshan Anaction对魔忍semi Semiconductor Co., Ltdaction的动词. donated 13,000 YUaction是什么意思英语AN to send Chinese New Year red envelheartbrokenopes to poor families together with Shenzhen Lionholiday同义词s Club. In addition, the Lions Club of Shenzwarmingup什么意思中文hen also gave a scaction翻译holarship of 3000 yuan to each of the 14 poor children who won the honhearteningors of schoofuel期刊l-level merit studentfueling and outstanding class leader to encourage them to become talents. The children who received the scholarship were motivated to work harder.

“Fuel Action” offers warm welcome to poor families

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