Yantian Service Team: held the second team leaders' meeting and the new work explanation meeting of 2019-2020

On August 13, 2019, the second captain team meeting and the new work description meeting of Yantian Ssecondlyerviceleadership的中文意思 Team of Shenzhen Lions Club wsecond的基数词as held in the east of Nan 'ao Fishing Village, Shworkdayatau Kok, Yantian District. Shenzhen sm lion long-term step, yantian service captain Tim cheungnewgrounds, first deputy captain Xue Weirong, se盐田港cond deputy captain Wang Xiaoliang, changsha JinTao, kanleadership英文解释g-rong li, former team Zou Ruinew是什么意思tworkshopang, secretary Wu Peiqing, financial Peng Jinworkdaychuan, general li-hua yi, sergeants-at-arms Luo Jinrong, the captain of the team memnewsbers Zhou Mei, yu-min liu, Peng Weiyong etc. More than 20 people were preservice怎么读sent at the meeting. Adviteamviewersor Wu Zewei, lecturers Huang Xuelan, Zhou Fuhui and Wang Yibing attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr Xue Wai-rong and Ms Yi Lihua.

Yi盐田天气 Lihua delivered the welcome speech. Lecturer Huang Xuelan, Wu Zewei, Zhou Fuhui, Wang Yibing.


Dursecond怎么读ing the lion servicleaders是什么意思英语e training, huang Xuelan, a gentle and elegant girl, explained the organsecondlyizatiomeetingsnal structure and cadre responsibilities of tleadership的四种类型he service team. Wu Zewei led the lion friend walked into "the second space" tworkero construct to tell what iheld怎么读的s "thryantianee road", says the impermanence of life and the direction, each meheld中文mber of the lions club culture is analyzed and themeetingtencentcom concept of core value, ateam什么意思ppealed for clearteams its value in the public on the road, in the lions club family support each岩田荣庆资料 other, go all out to try to serve more people. Zhang Hanning, the pracsecond翻译tical and modest captain, introduced the work planleadership的中文意思 of the New Year, stressing that he would focus on the essence ofmeeting是什么意思 service, help more people in nleadership翻译eed, and do a good job in caring for the lion friends, so that the lion friends are more unitesecond缩写d and the yantian Service team family becoleaders是什么意思英语mes more warm.

The lecturersmeetingyou是什么意思 on the sheldentage gave elegant speeches, brimming with confidence, and the lion friends in the audience harvested a lot in a happy atmosphere. I would like to thank Captain Zhang Hanning fosecondaryr his hard work and dedication. I hope you can not only aim high, but also walk well in every step on the road of public welfare.


After the meeting, lion friends attended the meeting to celebrate the birtnew怎么读hday of the birthday star in August. Thnew怎么读e scene wservice翻译as happy and warm.


Article/secondlyphoto Contributed by Yantian Service Team

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