Notice | about host “journey of peace” 2019 · national children world peace poster exhibition work in shenzhen

About to take World peace posters for national youth and children

Notice of collection of works in Shenzhen Exhibition Area


respectThe lion friends:

In order to sow thenationalstadium seeds of peace in the children heart, with the technique of painting, in the form of posters, guidhostagee the children to express the ideal of peace and good wishes, sets up the public thought, cultivatepeaceful是什么意思 global ideas, thnational dayis year the domestic lion federationchildren后面加is还是are and xi ‘an academy of fjourney歌曲ine artsnotice的形容词, jointly organized the “2019, the national children’s world peace posters” the solicitation, Drawing on thejourney下载 organizing experience of Lions International’s “Global Children’s Peace Poster Activity”, we collected children’s peace poster works nationjourney是什么意思wide for evanoticeluation, encouragement, publicity annationald promotioabout翻译n. The relevant arrangements are hereby notified as follows:


I. Background of the event

China Lions Association is a new type ofchildren怎么读英语单词 social organizatiopeacebird是什么品牌衣服n. Ichildren音标t is a phost翻译ublic welfare and charitable serhostagevice organization officialchildren英语怎么说ly registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs in accordance with relevant nationational音标nal laws and regulahostile是什么意思tions, drawing on the management and operation mode of lions Club Internationnotice过去式al, a global volunteer organization. The competent depaworld音标rtment isworldbox最新破解版 the China Disabled Perspeaceminusoneons’ Federation. The service sabout是介词吗cope covenational怎么读rs various fields such as assisting the disabled, povchildren翻译erty alleviation, disaster relief, education, respect for the elderly, environmental protection, youth education, etc., and it ihost怎么读s a fresh force full of vitality in the field of pubchildren后面加is还是arelic welfare and charity services in China.

Lions International hasjourney歌曲 held the international Peace Poster Contest since 1988. It has been held for 31 years and will be held for 32 years this year. An average of nhostileearly one million childrhostageen aged 11-13 from 65peaceminusone countries and regions participate in tnational翻译his event every yjourney和trip区别ear. The National Lions Association, the Children’s Art Committee of the Domestic Artists Association,journey翻译 the Domestic Education Society and the Domestic Academy of Fine Arts hnotice用法avejourney游戏 jointly organized the “National children’s World Peace Poster worksjourney翻译 solicitation” for seven consecutive sessions, and has won the “Globalworld Prize” of different years.


Ii. Organizational structure

I. Orworld翻译ganizers: Dopeacefulmestic Lions Associathostile是什么意思ionpeace翻译, Xi ‘an Academy oabouttime免费观看f Fine Arts

(2) Organizers: Public Relations and Publicity Committee of The National Lions Association

Shenzhen Lions Club

(iinationalityi) Co-organizer: Service teams of Shnationalitiesenzhen Lions Club

(4) Supervising unit: Shenzhen Disnoticeableabled Persons’ Federation


Three, acchildren是单数还是复数tivity rules

(I) Theme of the activity

Joujourney和trip区别rney of Peace The Journey  oabout-facef Peapeace翻译ce

(journey的复数2) Participants

1. Ordinary chinational dayldren:

Group A

Childnotice的固定搭配ren aged between 11 and 13 (born between Novembenational空调r 16, 2005 and November 15, 2008) can participate in the whole process of national and global awards.

Group B

Ages 7nationality toworldwide 10 (born between Novchildren英语怎么说ember 16, 2009 and November 15, 2012) are free to attend.

Group C

Children aged 3 to 6 (born between Npeacebird是什么品牌衣服ovember 16, 2013 and 2016)notice翻译 are free to attend.


2. Children with disabilities

Admission is free for children agnotice用法edabout 11 to 13 (borworldbox最新破解版n between November 16, 2005 and November 15, 2008).

(Note: ordinachildren是什么意思ry school-age children aged 3-10 and childjourney下载ren with disabilities can only participate in the awards and series of activities in Shenzhabout后面动词什么形式en Exhibition Area)

(peaceful是什么意思3) Requiremechildren’s day翻译nts for works

1. Hand-painted graphic works (participants: children aged 7-1worldtalk下载3 ynoticeears old, 7-10 years old only particichildren翻译pate in shenzhen Exhibition areaabout award evaluation, 11-1aboutcg3 ypeacebird是什么牌子ears old participate in shenzhen, national and globanationall awards evaluation)

(1) hand-painjourney和trip区别ted plane works, form, performance techchildren音标niques are not limited (note: with chalk, powder crayon, charcoal pen works must be fixed spray treatment to avoid smear), the work shall not be processed by theworld film layer.

(2) The size inational音标s not less than 33*50cm, not more thaboutcg网站an 50*60cm, no need to mount.

(3) The work shall not contain any words or numberspeaceful and shall not be made by computer.

(4) The work submihostesstted for review must be the originnotice作文al work, nhostidot a copy.

(5) Eacjourney怎么读h student can submit only onepeace workabout怎么读语音, each work is designed and ppeace&love啥意思roducjourney是什么意思ed by onabout是什么意思ly one student, and the number onotice作文f tuhosts文件位置tors is not more than one. Copy of student’s ID card or household register should be pasted onnotice是什么意思 the back of theaboutcg网站 work.

(6) each work with “submit form” (see annex 1), the disabled children senational音标ries with “submit form” (see annex 3), fill in relevant information, creation and copyright (stick on the botabouttime免费观看tom right hand corner on tpeaceminusonehe back), all eligible units must be handed over these works (see attanotice是什么意思chment 2), (see annex 4) fonational空调r the disabled.

2. Stereoscopic picture books: (Parchildren怎么读ticipants: children aged 3-6, only participatpeacebird是什么品牌衣服e in shenzhen Exhibitionotice同义词n)

(1) Tnational翻译hree-dimensional picture book works, performance techniques are not limited (crayon, gouache, painting pen, clay, all kinds of media, but must stick firmly, damage consequences are responsible for themselves)

(2) size of 1nationality2K(26* 26cm) square, 16K(26* 18cm) rectangular two specifications, the book at least 8 pagechildren是单数还是复数s,notice翻译 no decoration, can be folded back three-dimensional books, tonational half three-dimensional, accessoriechildren怎么读英语单词s fixed into the book, can be made or ordered by oneself;

(3) Workchildren’s day翻译s can be added wnotice用法ith text content (written as ajourney story), can use pictures or colorful personal phothostidos;

(4) do not copy other people’s pictures or put any advertising pictures, etc.;

(5) The workabout-face submitted for rnotice同义词eview must be tjourney风之旅人he origichildren怎么读nal wchildren音标ork,host怎么读 not a conotice用法py;

(6) Each student can have only one work and one production supervisor;

(7) For the preliminary contest, you need to shoot a video of each pagpeaceminusonee of the 3d picture book within one minuworldte and upload it to 2929421719about怎么读语音;

(8) Each work should be attached with the “Submission Form” (see Attacpeacemakerhment 1), fill in the relevanworldtalkt work information, creation instructions and copyright instructions (paste on the lower right corner of the back of the work), and submit the sumpeacemary of the works (see Attacjourney翻译hment 2).

(IV) Review time

1. Shenzhen Exhibition Area willnational怎么读 be evaluated from November 1 to 10, 2019 (group C will be evaluated internally by eanotice用法ch organizationabout, ajourney和trip区别nd the top 30% of excellent works will be selected achildren怎么读英语单词nd submitted to Shenzhen Exhibition Area for evaluation);

2. National review period: thjourney怎么读e review period is in mid to late November 2019;

2. Global review pjourney怎么读eriod: December 2019 — January 2020;

3. The organizer of the solicitation wworldwideill hire a nationally recognized children’s anotice过去式rt expert group to establish aworldwide jury, which will be responsible for the evaluationnational是什么意思 of the works and the results of the selection. A supervision and examination committee shall be set up for the appraisal work, and the personnel shall be dispatched by each undertchildren音标aking unit. Both the national andabout翻译 international evaluation stages are conducted under leworld翻译gal supervision and fair and just conditions.


4. Activity time

(I) Peace Poster Launch Ceremony (August 2019)

(2) Peaceful flash mob linkage (September 21, 2019)

(3) Guinational翻译dance period for 3d pjourney翻译icture book production and paintchildren怎么读ing creation for 7-13 years old (August to October 2019)

(IV) Evaluation Pnotice作文eriod (November 2019)

(V) Peace Poster Awardnational是什么意思 List Anjourney翻译noujourney游戏ncement Period (December 2019 to March 2019)

(notice用法6) Exhibition Duration of award-winchildren是单数还是复数ning Workshostage (April-June 2020)peaceful

(7) Award Ceremony (June 2020)


V. Explanation of selection quota, bonus setting and award treatment in Shenzjourneyhen Exhibition Area

(1) Group A (11-13 years old)

Grand Prize: 1 winner, 10000 RMB, 5000 RMB for author, 5000 RMB for tutor; MEDALS ahostile是什么意思nd certificates of Honor (note: to be sent to Lions Intechildren怎么读英语单词rnational to participate in the globworldtalkal General Evaluation).

First prize: 29 winners, 2000 YUAN prichildren后面加is还是arezjourney翻译e, 1000 Yuan prize for author, 1000 yuan prize for tutor; MpeaceminusoneEDALS and certificapeacebird是什么品牌衣服tes of hochildren翻译nor (note: together with the granationalstadiumnd prinoticeableze works will be sent to tjourney怎么读he national selection).

Second prize: 50 winchildren的名词所有格ners, 400 RMB prize, 200 RMB prize for authostile是什么意思hor, 200 RMB prize for tutoabout怎么读语音r; MEDALS and certificates of  

Third prize: 60 winners, 200 RMB prize, 100 RMB prize for author, 100 RMB prizenational是什么意思 for tutor; MEDALS and certificachildren后面加is还是aretes of honornational day.  journey翻译

(2) Gronational音标up B (7-10 years old)

Special prize: 5 winners, bonus of 2000 RMB, author bonus onoticedf 1000 RMB, tutor bonus of 1000 RMB; MEDALS and certificates of honor.  

First prize: 10 winners, 400 RMB, 200 RMB for autpeaceful是什么意思hor, 200 RMB for tutor; MEDALS and certificates of honor.  

Second prize: 30 winnersnational祝庆, 200 RMB prize, 100 RMB prize for author, 100 RMB prize for tutor; MEDabout是介词吗ALS anpeaced certificates of honor.  

Third phost翻译rize: 50 winners, 100 RMB prize, 50 RMB prize for author, 50 RMB prize for tutor; MEDALS and certificates of honor.

(national3) Group C (3-6 years old) & NBSP;

Special prize: 5 winners, bonus of 2000 RMB, author bonus of 1000 RMB, tutor bonus of 1000 RMB; MEDALS and certificates ohostagef honopeacer.hostile  

First prize: 10 winners, 400 RMB, 200 RMB for author, 200 RMB for tutor; MEDALS and certificatespeaceful of honor.  

Second prize: 30 winners, 200 RMB prize, 100 RMB prize for author, 100 RMB prize for tutor; MEabout后面动词什么形式DALS and certificatehost翻译s of honor.  

Third prize: 50 wabout是介词吗inners, 100 RMB phost翻译rize, 50 RMB prize for author, 50 RMB prize for tutor; MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Excellenabout是什么意思t works: corresponding certificates of honnationalityor, and sent to the exhibition

(4) Disabled children group

Selected works: 150 winners will be awarded certipeace&love啥意思ficates.  

Ochildren后面加is还是areutstanding works: 50 winners will be awarpeaceminusoneded the award certificate andchildren the annual commemorative prize. The organization will be awarded the certificate of Honor (the abovnational是什么意思e certificates will be jointly issuhost翻译ed by the Domestic Lion Federation and the Domestic Disabled Persons’ Federation)

Note: 10 works for children aged 11-13 will be selected to participate in the national selecnationalitiestion.

(5) Instructions

1journey歌曲. Thchildren怎么读e authors, advisors and works that win the grand prize and the first prize will be pubjourney风之旅人lished in the NBSP of that year; “journey的复数Joabouttime免费观看urnnoticeey of Peahostagece” 2019 National Childreworldboxn’s World Peace Poster (Shenzhen Exhibition Area) Works Collection and promotional film, all works wipeacebird是什么牌子ll be exhibited in various kinds of exhibitions;

2. The authors, advhostingisors and works of the secnational翻译ond and third prize winners will be publispeaceful是什么意思hed in tnotice是什么意思he “Journey of Peace” 2019 — Exceljourney歌曲lent Works collection of National Children’s World Peace Poster (Shenzhen Exhibition Area) and selected to participate in various exhibitionjourney和trip区别s.

3. The organization, school, base and service team selected as outstanding also appeared in the promotional film of the same year, and their service deedsabout and certificates were published in the collection of Excellent Works of “Journey of Peace” 2019 Natabout-faceional Childrworldbox最新破解版en’s World Peace Poster (Shenzhen Exhibition Area).

Vi. Submpeace&love啥意思ission method

(1) Individuals should first submit to organizations, units and schools, which should be submitted to The Officpeacemakere of Shenoticeablenzhen Lions Club bworldefore October 30, 2019, address: 1308, 13th Floor, Buinotice同义词lding D, Huaqing Garden, Second Luosha Jing Roadnational day, Luohu District;

(2) By October 12, 2peaceful是什么意思019, thehostage posters aworldnd paintings of djourney游戏isabled peace should be sent to The Office of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Address: 1308, 13th Floor, Building D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jingerhost是什么意思啊 Road, Luohu District;

(III) Contact Person:

Hand-painted worksaboutcg网站 contact: Qiu Peng office officer 25688570, 135377journey是什么意思中文翻译72997

Stereo picture books contact: Teacher Ye 15711national怎么读551499




Notice | about hostAttachment 1: Entry form. XLS

Notice | about hostAnnex 2: Summary of general Evhostilealuation information.xLS

Notice | about hostAnnex 3: Entry form for Disabjourney歌曲ility Group. XLS

Notice | about hostAnnex 4: Disability group information Summary table. XLS


Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;      

August 2journey翻译3, 2019

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