Notice | shenzhen lions on the nation-wide “red lion, assistive station” service of notice

Service teams:

In order to welcome the arrival of the National Day for helping the disabled, the Lions Club of Shenzhen plans to carry out a series of activitiwidespreades oredmif “Red Lion Costume Station for Hel深圳疫情最新动态ping the disabled” in accordance with the current needs of epidemic prevention services and continue to providwide翻译e services for the disabled. The relevant matters alions翻译re hereby notiredisfied as fredmiollows:

A, & have spent Support policy

In order to help the teamstation的音标 carry out the activity of “Red Lion Suilions英语怎么读t Statinationality翻译on for The Disabled”, Shenzhen Lions Club will provide the tearedmi是什么手机m with epidemiassistivetouchc prevention materials and service funds. The standards are as folwide翻译lowslions:

(a) & have spent Donate 1,000 masks to each “Red Lion Clothing Disabled Station”;

(2) & have sredmik40pe深圳天气nt According to the service funds 1:1 allocation,lions是什么意思 each “Red Lion clothing disabled statio深圳大学n” maximum allocation of 2000 yuan;

(3) & have spent Service funds and epidemic prevention materials should be allocated and donated before June 15.  

Second, & have spent Service teams carry out service arrangements

(a) & have spent Service teams that have been conn深圳市最新疫情ected to the “Red Lion Clreduceothing Disabled Station” can go to the matching ponationalitiesint for service.

(2) & have spent Service teams that are not connected to the “Red Lion Clothing Station for The Disabled” can contact the Committee for Povlionerassistivetouch不见了ty Alleviation and The Disabled (Chairman Suwidespread Jianhua 13823311444/ wechat 377730197) to choose the nearest Street Job health Center for service.

Three, & have spent The contact

Application contacnotice的固定搭配t: Yang & NBSP; We have pleasure in 25688590

Contact forlion的中文意思 mask collection: Han Rongzheng 13430752403

We hope that more service teams can join the brand service project “Red Lion Clothing Disabled Station”, innovate thassistivetouche walionsgatey of disabled service, deepen the disabled service, and make the disabled work more prosperous!



Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

11 May 2020

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