Chinese business Service Team: hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2020-2021 term change and the launch ceremony of the "Lion March road" Charity Tour in Guangxi

On August 26, 2020, the inaugural ceremony of the 2020-2021 Chinese Business Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club and the launch ceremony of the "Lion March road" Guangxi Charity Toteamur was held in the Family Banquet Restauholdingrant in Juteambitionnzi Square, Futian District. Domestchinese意思ic lion cib before supervisors Su Zerbusinesswomanan long,hold是什么意思 President of shenzhen lions last, WengHua, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, former President of wear with xin, chief financial officer NieXiangDong, deputy secretary-general Liao Ronghui, zhi-hui zhou, chairman of the zone, 6 xiao-ping yu, chairmainaugural address翻译中英对照n of the partition, Xiong Qi, zhi-jian wu, Chen Xusheng, aservicefterglow, Wuinaugural Jinzhi, Dong Jun, Wang Xuebo, supervisors iwslt good, special assistant to President Tang Xishun, All Chinese business service team members, team representatteamoives and guests attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Mr Lai Siu-pin aservice怎么读nd presided over by Ms So So and Ms Chardano.


Chairman Lai Siu-pin delivered the welbusinesspersoncome speech, and executive Cservice是什么意思hairman Kam Tak-keunservice的名词g inchinesetroduced the guests.

Lian Chuhai, the former team leader, looked back affectionately on the love service projservice是什么意思ects and public welfare contributions of tbusiness的形容词he Chinese business Service Team in the past year. In 2019-2020, The Chinese Business Service Team held 12 regular meetings with different thechinese意思mes, and carried out 23 service activities with a total serchinese读音vice fund of 933,276 yuan, with a per capita service fund of 31,109 yuan. It was awarded "Harmonious Force Outstandibusinesslikeng Service Team Award" by Shenzhen Lions Club.


Fichinesenance Zhang Feihonginaugural是什么意思 makes the annual financial report.

Afterwards, Lian Chuhai, the former team leader, presented MEDALbusinesslikeS to his team liteam是什么意思翻译on friends, other team lion friends, cahold的过去式和过去分词rteamproing enterprises and caring people to show hiinauguraladdress课件ppts gratitude. All the lion friends ofservice怎么读 The Chinese merchantbusiness翻译 seservice和serve的区别rvice team presented flowers on the stage one afhold的过去式和过去分词ter another to express their gratitude to lian Chuhai for the efforts ofservice怎么读 the previous team leader and the team members of theceremony的音标 previous team leadservicebioer. They were very proud of the outstanding achievements made by the Chihold过去式nese merchant Service Team in theteam什么意思 past year.


Under the wserviceitness of the lion friends, lianteambition Chuhai, the former captain, hainaugural address课文pptnded over thinauguraladdress课件ppte hammer and scepter to Captain Pan Shengqinaugural翻译uan.


Cervical captaiteams会议n inauguration speech, made clear the mission and vision, this year's service is expounded in tinaugural翻译his year's service objectives and budget target, saiteamsd it would continue to reveal Chinese service team spirit, to inheritance and dissembusinessination of team building, lion service specification, focus, unity lioteamn friends, love the lion, a concerted effort to do their lion service work. Captain Pan Shengquanbusiness是什么意思 awarded the appointment certificate to the new team leader, and led eservice是什么意思veryone to carry out solemn and sacred commbusiness翻译itment in the witness of the leaders of thservicebioe district council.

The site also launched the 2020-2021 "Lion March road" Guangxi public welfare tour project. Lions and gueceremony和celebration的区别sts atteamo the meeting donated generously to thebusiness翻译 project, raising a total of more than 300,000 yuan.

Weng Hua, the former president, fully affirmed the achieveminaugural address翻译ents madeceremony复数形式 by the Chinese business Seinaugural address翻译rvihold键是什么功能ce Team from its establishment to today, and highlyservice praised the Chineshold的过去形式e business Service team for responding to the call of the distbusinessmanrict council "100 teams will be lions" last year and sbusinessman翻译uccservice和serve的区别essfully completing tservice和serve的区别he "Longbusinessman March of lions" charity walk in Zunyi. He hoped that the Chinese business service team would continue to achieve greater success.


Entrusted by Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, Peng Daojian, the second vice Chairman of CCinaugural addresspit Xiamen, sent a gift of "joyservice的名词" to the Chinese buinaugural是什么意思sinaugural address翻译iness Service Team, saying that the Chinese business Service teamceremony怎么读 would "take responsibility and do good deeds", and go further and better on theinaugural address road of public welfare.


Chen Rongshi, executive chairman of the conference, gave a speech of thanks to all lion friends and guests for their enthusiastic participation, and to shenzhen Lions Club officservicebioe, Shenzhen Futian family dinner and lion Friends for their strong support.


By Ganservice怎么读 Deqiang

Photo/Wu Shengjin

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