Huahan Service Team: Hold the third regular meeting of 2021-2022

On September 4, 2021, the third regular meeting of The year 2021-2022 of Shenzhen Lions Club Huahan Service Team was held in Shenzhen Vohu华汉a Technology Co., LTD., Jianserviceablegnan Time华航空难录音回放s Building, Bantian Street, Longgang District. Eleven people attended the meeting, including gao Ruregular的名词i, the captathird的缩写in omeeting怎么读英语f The Sino-Han Servi华航611ce Team, Yang Chunzhao, the former captain, Ya画函数图像的软件ng Yang, the fthird是什么意思英语irshold ont vice capthold过去式ain, Xu Jinghua, the second vice captain, Huang Yuanming, and Liao Wenxi, the former captain. The meeting was chaired by Luo Youfu and presided over by Xu Jinghua.



Sun Lili maservice翻译kes financial reports.


Captain Gao Rui introduced the plan to unite 32 service teams to carry out the "childlike innocence" seriesmeeting腾讯会议 of service projects, which were approved by on-site voting and confirme华航611d the specific procethird翻译ss of joint shold翻译ervice.

The meeting discussed the educational aid projects of hua-Han Service team, mainly including anhui Huangqiao primary school aid and Zijin aiteams会议d. Anhui Huangqiao primary school aid program in late October, the activities will subsidize poor sthird怎么读tudents, reward excellent teachers, excellent students, and some of the school's backward hardware facilities for maintenance a滑旱冰教程nd transformation, the budget needs to confirm after docking; The Zijin Schoolhold不住 Aid program is expected to support 3-regular是什么意思英语4 poor students.


Captain Grui once agameetingin streteamworkssed the importance of doing a good job in the 99 Charity Day actmeeting是什么意思ivities, calling on all the lion friends of The Chinese Service team to do a good job in publicity and fundrteamoaising according to the donation time of theservice和serve的区别 platform.


Article/Photo Provided by Chinese Service Team

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