High-tech Service Team: Hold the third regular meeting of 2021-2022

On September 3, 2021, the third regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team in 2high021-2022 was held on the 4th floor of Hua 'an Hotetechnicianl, Baonteamproan Roregular是什么意思英语ad, Luohu District. Shenzhen Ltechniqueions Club vice Supervisor Deng Yi, advisor Bi Yohold不住ngtao, high-tech service team leader Liu Meijiao, second vice captain Guregular Lihhold过去式ua, third vice captain Li Hong, former captains Ma Huadahigher, Wen Yanmei, Luo Lidan, Zhang Shengxintech是什么意思g, secretary Chenhigh的名词 Dasheng and 18 others attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired and presided over by Majada.

Figure 1. JPG

Captaiteams手机版n Liu Meijiao introduced in detail the fund-raising steps of Shenzhen Lions Club 99 Charity Day, calling for more pemeetingople tothird participaholdingte in the publiteam什么意思c welfservicemanare cause.

Figure 4. JPG

Deputy supervisor Deng Yi explained the meaning of lion song in detail, and thregular是什么意思英语e lion frholdingiends present had a deeper understanding of lionmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 culture.

Figure 6. JPG

Secrethird怎么读英语taryhold on Chen Dasheng ihigh翻译ntroduced in dhigh是什么意思etail thhold过去式e preparationservice和serve的区别 of the "bright heart" activiregularizationty held by gaoxin Service Team in Sichuan Ya 'an Baoxing from September 25meeting是什么意思中文翻译 to 29 and the "bright hearteams手机版t" actihighwayvity held in Ya 'an Tianquan from October 25 to 29, and issued a welcome notice to participate in the related activities. Chen dasheng also calmeetingyou是什么意思led on Mr. Ma Rui, CEO of Chengdu Jinjiang Yuansohold过去式ng Medical Beauty Clinic Co., LTD., to donate 20,000 yregular反义词uan for the two "Bright heart" activities,third的基数词 and planned to invest 10,000 yuan for each activity.

Figure 7. JPG

Liu Meijiao, the tearegular反义词m leader, introdhighuced that the arrangement of the activities in Yuanjiang, Hunan province, from October 15 to 17, has attracted the participationteamviewer of wudongshan and Longcheng service teaservicebioms, and the activities are in preparation.

The meeting unanimhighestously approved tholdhe high-tech service team to invthird的缩写est 20,000 yuan and Huaqiang service team to jointly c特长arry out "Concentric care, Enjoy books together" love education anteamod photo gallery donation activities.

Afholdingter the meeting, the lion friends celebrated the birthdays of Liu Meijiao, Ma Huada and Zhang Shengmeeting怎么读英语xholdering, wishing them a happy birthday, good healtthird是什么意思英语h and a happy family!


By Chigh的名词hen Dasheng

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