Publicity on the use of flood relief funds for barrier-free reconstruction projects for the disabled in Lianhua County, Jiangxi province

Donation of flood relief service teams and lion friends:

Since this year, the national flood happens, shenzhen lion, concern about the service and the vast majrelief是什么意思啊ority of lion friends, positive responseprojects是什么意思中文 in shenzhen lion called for making donations, so far, shenzhen lions a totabarrier翻译l of 93 service solitaire donation of 585000 yuan, has been based on fjard county of jiangxi provinfloodingce flood, dean county, dumpling pond town, Hong Kong and needs to complete the disaster relief donation, The service fundfree动漫免费观看 was 265,000 yuan, with a balance of 320,000 yuan.

2020 is a crucial year for poverty allrelief和relieve区别eviation in China. According to the preliminary investigation by the Domestic Lion Associationusername什么意思中文, Lianhua County of Jiangxi Province is also affected by the dbarrier怎么记忆isaster. There are 795 households with registered poverty and severe disabilitprojectsekaiies in this county that need accessible reconstruction, and the reprojectsekai初音未来construcfreezetion cost of each household is 3,000 YUAN.

In consideration of the needs of jiangxi flood emergency assistancepublicity什么意思, post-disaster reconstruction and domestic poverty alleviation, the flood relief leading group has dfreezingecided to use 300,000 yuan of the remaining funds for flood relief to support the barrier free reconstruction project of 100 disabled families in Lianhua County, Jiangxi province. In accbarrier什么意思中文ordance with the shenzhen Lions Club Service Activities management Measuprojects什么意思reprojectss and otherelief翻译成中文r relevant regulations, it is hereby published.

During the publicity period, if tfreebuds3he donation service team and lion friends have different opinions on the fprojectsekai下载und, they can send feedback to the Flood relief leadinprojectsekaig group of Shenzflood怎么读hen Lions Clufloodplainb through letters or emails.

Publicity period: From 2 September 2020 to 4 Septemrelief给挚爱的你ber 2020

Accepting unit: Shenzhen Lions Club Office

Address: D1308, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu Distusername什么意思中文rict, Shefreezenzhen

Contact number: 0755-25688257


Attached: Shenzhen Lions Cbarrier怎么记忆lub 2020 Flood Relief Donation list


Lions Club of Shenzhen flood Relief leading group

September 1, 2020         &nrelief给挚爱的你bsp;


Shenzhen Lions Clupublicity怎么读b 2020 Flood relief donationuseradmin list

As of September 2, Shenzhen liopublicity的动词ns downtown, the earth, the spring breeze, Le cuckoprojects什么意思o, tightsen, sunshine, inscription nonyl, redflooded libo, virtues, hong ya, faibarrier什么意思中文ry lake, in the long run, flat land, elite, love, the south China sea, nameplates, good product, land, nature, rainbow, ping shan, mooring, xili, concentric, Oriental love roses, NSW, shun hing, fuyong, erelief怎么读dge tightsen, happiness,barrier yantian, China, high-tech, shenyang, huaqiang, macro Yang, Traders know league, taifloodgate, Victoria towers, hua han, minteq, checkpoint, dahuang, hand in hand, the sea yue, shell, mission hills, charity collectionfreedom什么意思, silver lake, xixiang, xinan, phoenix, hua xiang, former sea, bright pupil, alex, srelief怎么读plendid, bijia mountain, sea yun, datong, lotus, jiangshan, oct,use是什么意思 liuzhou, central district, Lord will Wen Jin, shajing,projects翻译 taishan, child, baoan, longhua, lotus flower 85 service teams, such as Shan, Huashang, Boya, Sihai, Binhe, Jingtian, Miles, Zhongtian, Mangrove Bay, Shangbufreedom什么意思, Tai 'an, Shenzhen Bay, Tiancheng and Spring, have arrived.

Eight service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club, including Caitian, Bagualingbarrierreef怎么读, Gospel, Dream, Yishan, Jinminprojectsekai初音未来g Art, Hualei and Tien, have not received theirpublicity什么意思 accounts yet.

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