Red Licheng Service Team: hold the sixth team meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On December 26, 2020, the sixth captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Litchi Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in Kaiberijun Adjacent Sea Serviced Apartmenthold的过去形式, Shenhold键是什么功能zhen. Shenzhen Lions club 16th district chairman Huang Yiqunsixth读音, lion friends care committee exreduceecutive chairman Wang Yanhua, red li service team captain Wu Guicheng, last captain Long Yali, formreduceer captain Wang Shoujun, he Yong 'an, Liu Xiaoning, Gao Quanbin, secretary Liang Wenjuan, general affairs Xiao Jian, picket Credmihen Lixin and other 14 lion frsixth读音iends attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Lijun as the chairman of the conference.

Illustrations 1. JPG

Before the meeting, Wu Guicmeeting是什么意思heng captain arranged lion friends to the beach trekking plank.

Wang Lijun, chairman of the conference, warmly welcomed the lions to attend this regular meeting.

Wu Guicheservicebiong captain told thesixthly assembleregular翻译dmeeting翻译 ateambitionbout recent red lion friend li service lion service work, including lions club in shenzhen district afsixthirtyfairs commredmik40ittee, the ninth color cup with disabilities eco-warriors, garbage sorting directional treasure hunt game, baise hechi poverty crucial "to teach fishing" projmeeting翻译ect material transportation, 5, 6 zone joinhold过去式t training, three teammates expanding fellowship, Caregular什么意思ring for merchants Street universityof universal affection for the aged, holding the 11th Red action, receiving Zhejiang lion friends, etc. Heteam是什么意思翻译 thanked the lion friends for their love and support. At the same time, he mentioned that on November 30,hold翻译 he and Zhang Jian Shijie met with the leadership of the Municipal Disasixth翻译bled persons' Federation and discussed the direction of the Red Li Service team for tregularhe disabled.

Illustration 4- Captain Wu speaking. JPG

Long Yali, the former team leader, as the executive chairman of李成儒 Red Litchi Service team, especially introduced the "Red Action" project of Shenzhenmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 Lions Cluteamb, and the honor of red Litchi Service team lion friends in the 10th anniversary of "Red Action". She thanked everyone for donating blood and spreading love.

Illustration 6- Long Yali speak. JPG

Secretarymeeting是什么意思 Liang Wenjuan, as the executive chairman of hong Li Community Service team, reported the return vismeetingyou是什么意思it of Merchants Street Sisiqing University for the Aged. Xiao Jian, executivredise chairman of Hubei Student Aid Program, reported the progress of Hubei student aid program of Hongli Service Teteamsam.

Illustration 10- Liang Wenjuan speaks. JPG

This red litchi service teamThe regular meetingsetMeeting and fellowship aservice是什么故障灯re integrated. Wang Shoujun, Gao Quanbin and Liu Xiaoning, fmeetingtencentcomormer captains of the Red Lichmeeting是什么意思中文翻译eng Service team, spoke freely.We gathered together toholding talk about lion affairs and lion love, chatted about the history, activities and interesting stories of hong Lai Lai Service Team, and imservice是什么意思mersed in the joy of lsixthtoneion Love.

Thanks to former captain He Yong 'an for taking beautiful pictures and broadcasting live coverage of this regular meeting, thanks to lions of Hong Li Service Team for meeting and moved Chairman Huang Yiqun for coming to attend this meeting after the activities of lecturing Group, thanks to lion friends on stage and behind the scenes for their strong support. Lion lovemeeting是什么意思 road, let us continue to take responsibility, good deeds, help others and serve the society, le李成儒t us together lion road, lion love fteamproorever.

Illustration 15- Group photo of regular meeting. JPG


Article/Photo Liangreduction Wenjuan & NBSservicemanP;

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