Good words speak louder than gold - Women and Family Development Council talks on emotional management

On the afternoon of November 22, 2020, The 2020-2021 Gender and Family Growth Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club invwomenited Mr. Zhang Yangrui, founder and President of Daliang International Elite Academy, the father of the World Gift and tword生成目录he ffamilyhookupsamily relationship consultant favored by Forbes billionaires, The first public lecture of the year was held at thewords是什么意思 Lions Club office in Shenzhen with the theme of "Good words win gold: Emotional codes in Family relationships". The lecture was conducted in the form of "online livwords怎么读egood broadcaword删除一整页st + offline interactive salon", and "Lion Xianghui" was co-organized and responsilouder怎么读ble for the whole live bword首字下沉roadcast.

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Lions club international lions club international dirdevelopment的用法和搭配ector Zhafamily家庭树图片ng Guojun, shenzhen 2020-2021 deputy secretary-general Liao Ronghui, Du Peng, Wang Danya, Fang Shilfamily是什么意思翻译成中文ei, partition, chairman of the afterglow, wang lina, linlin, Huang Yiqun, women and families grow committee chairmlouder是什么意思an WenYaoLi, executive chaifamilyhookupsrman of Lin Mei, Zhao Nian really, liu Ying, secretary of Confucianism, such as zhu pay l漏的拼音ed lion, lion, friends and family members from我们是兄妹 the service More than 50 people attended the event. The activity was chaired by Lin Mei and zhu Xinruthank.

Chairwoman Wan Yaoli solemnly introduced the guests and delivered the welcome speech.

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Zhang Guojun, Director of Lions Club Inter我们的婚姻电视剧national, delivered a warm speech in which she fully affirmed the work of the Committee onlouder翻译 Women and Family Growth established under the initiative of the first female president of Lions Club International over the past two years. The committeelouder怎么读 was highly commended for its active role in serving femallouder翻译e lion friends athan怎么读的nd their families, as well as its innovative activ漏的拼音ities in serving the disabled and poor families. He said that family is the cell of society, and harmony in family can promote sociaword删除多余页l harmony. It is of great significance to hold lectures on familgoodnotesy relations. He belithaneved that the well-planned and well-prepared event would be very excitgooding and successful.


Then, the guest s我们的婚姻电视剧peaker, Dean Zhang Yangrui, gave a lspeaking是什么意思ecture on "Good words win gold -篓的拼音- Emotional codes in family relationshdevelopment造句简单带翻译ips". Zhang Yangrui, president of the school, explained the true "kindness" and "kindness is better than gold". He pointed out that "emotions" determine everything about us, but we have no control over them; When we have negative emotions due to various pressures and face our lovers, children and family members with negative emotion我们都要好好的s, willful and random words and actiogoldns will deeply hurt the closest people around us, and even lead to irreparable mistakes...


Bad emotionsfamily家庭和家人的区别 can be changed, gword是什么意思ood people become good words, good people become good words. By reflecting on our own words and deeds and learning thloudere enthankfulergy conversion of bad emotions, we c篓的拼音an become a person with "phy陋的笔顺sic我们的四十年agold是什么意思l", "awareness" and "consciousness", constantly improve ourselves and build closer, harmonious and happy family relationships through "kind words".

Thegoldlion是什么牌子 lion friends andgold是什么意思 guests were deeply attracted by dean Zhang's wonderful speech and applauded warmly from time to time. Online, more篓的拼音 than 500 online audience alfamilyhookupsso listened to Dean Zhang's lecture carefully. The topic selection and views of the lecture were strongly echoed by both online andspeak和say的区别 offline audiences, whichgoods benefited everyone a lot.


After the lecturfamily怎么读e, Jigoldwaveang Xiezhspeak的用法en, honoraword是什么意思ry consultant of women and Family Develop我们的爱ment Committee and deputy head of the lecture group, presided over the interactive salon. Jiang Xiezhegolden什么意思中文n lion sister called on lion friends我们的婚姻在线观看 to pa我们的婚姻电视剧ss on the "true goodness" through this special lecture, and also hoped that everyone will pay attention to the differentspeak翻译 perspectives and different levels of servthan后面加什么ices and actfamilyhookupsivities of the Committee for Women and Familwords怎么读y Development.


Mrgoods.speak的过去式 Fang Shi-lei and Mr. Wang Si-yi from Zhongtian Service Team, Mr. Mu Zhenying and Mr. Ding Xgoodnotesu-guang from Huanggang Service Team, Mr. Duan Jin-fang and Mr. Xia Shi-you from Fu-ai Service tegoldilocksam were invited to share their feelings after listening to the lecture. They discuss我们的婚姻ed with Mr. Zhang the problems in dealing with emotions and family rfamily是什么意思翻译成中文elationshipslouder怎么读, focusing on "kindness" and "kindness". Dean Zhang carefgoodleplay商店ully analyzed, and targspeak的过去分词eted cou我们是兄妹nseling, proposed that we open the "family meeting" mode, strength我们是兄妹en communication between each other, nourish edevelopment同义词替换ach other wdevelopment可数吗ith kind words, with kind words tthanko achieveword删除一整页 themselves and each otthan怎么读的her.

Unconsciously, the two-hour keynote lecture and interactive salon came to an end. All the audience were deeply touched by dean Zhang's insightful insights and began to refl漏的拼音ect on their own words and deeds. The "Every child is special" mentioned by Dean Zhang Yangrui awakened many people, making them learn to appreciate and appreciatgolden什么意思中文e their children's life and vitality, and helping them build their cha我们的婚姻racter and emotional intelligfamily的复数形式ence. We also hope that in the future, we can reasonably change our mood, treat people around us, especially our familifamilyes, with kindness and kindness, and estthankfulablish a more hardevelopment的用法和搭配monious and close family relatispeaking是什么意思onship.

Since its establishment, the Committee forfamily是什么意思翻译成中文 Women and Family Development has befamilytherapy中文en committed to helping lionesses, especially lionesses, build more harmonious and close family relaspeak的过去分词tionships, promote family happiness and career development, and thus better devote themselves to public service. This large-scale public welfarspeaking是什么意思e lecture was a complete success and我们不能是朋友 achieved good resu我们不能是朋友lts. The Cdevelopment的用法和搭配ouncil for Women and Family Devefamilylopment will continuwords是什么意思e its efforts to provide you with more wonderful and practical servicword是什么意思es. I look forward to mgolden什么意思中文ore lion friends, especially sister Lion and sister-in-law lion, who can harvest more spiritual nourishment and transform into a better and more beautiful themselves on this plspeak和say的区别atform!

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