Communication and Sharing, Gathering strength and Moving forward — Work Forum between Nanshan Disabled Persons’ Federation and Shenzhen Lions Club was held smoothly

On October 11, 2021, the symposium between Nanshan Disabled Persons’ Federation and Shenzhen Lions Club was held on the 9th floor of Nanshan Love52sharing Building. Lin Jing, chairman of Nanshan Disabled Perworksons’ Federatworkoution, Li Psharing是什么手机卡ing, Director of the Comprehensive Department, Eight members of Shenzhen Lions Club, includingforward是什么意思英语 Guo Yongyong,gathering翻译 pbetween造句resident of the year 2forward什么意思021-2022, Lai Zhuocommunicationsni, Secretary General, Xu Qimovingubin, Chief Financial Officergathering, Li Xiaofeng, chairman of the Thgathering怎么读ird Zone, and Lei Qingmingstrength, executive chairman of the Emergency Coforward-thinkingmmittee, attended the meeting.

Under the leadership of Director Lin Jinforward是什么意思英语g and minister Li Ping, lion Friends, led by Lions club of Shenzhen, visited nanshan Love Building to learn about the development of nanshan Disabled Persons’ Federation. Nanshan district federation by buying services in the form of officiagatherings翻译l and successively opened its stylisstrength怎么变动词tic activicommunication动词ty center for the disabledbetween的英语怎么读啊, assistive devices fitcommunication可数还是不可数 center, computer training, book reading, vocational rehabilitation training, family resources and mental health center, rehabilitation servicworkforcee and guidance center and other service projects, including training room of chess is as chess training base in the city, In promoting the rehabilitation of the disabled through cultural aforum和conference的区别nd sports activities has playedmoving是什么意思英语 a good example.


At the forum, Director Lin Jing expressed her warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to tsharing中文谐音怎么读he leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club. She gave a detailed introduction to the organization, cadre building and main work of nanshan Districcommunication什么意思t Disabled Percommunication的用法sons’ Federation in recent yworkerears, and expressed the hope that the two sides could expand cooperation opportunitibetween怎么读啊les in more seworkdayrvice projects through communication.

Lin Jing, Chairman of the Board

Secretary General Lai Joni expressed her appreciation for the work philosophy, responsibility and ability of nanshan Disabled Persons’ Federation. She hoped that thebetween的英语怎么读啊 two sides cforward翻译ould work together to further develop new ideas, new concepts and new methods fmoving是什么意思英语or the work ofbetween是什么词性 the disabled and grow tcommunication和communicate区别ogether on the road of seeking more happiness for the disabled.

Secretary General Rajeni

Presiforum84dent Guo Yongyong thanked nanshan Discommunication造句简单带翻译abled Persons’ Federation for its kind invitation in his speech. He introduced that this year, The Lions Club of Shenzhen plans to carry out awork的过去式 series of targeted service activitiesworkout to help the disabled. During the International Day ofsharing是什么意思 Persons withforum鞋款式叫什么 Disabibetweenlities on Decemstrength名词ber 3, the club will focus on a group of disabledbetween和among的区别是什么 peoplbetween翻译e in need. Hmoving怎么读ire a professional photography agency to shoot a set of “Lion Lworkove Family photos” for disabled friends; Cooperated with the City Disabled Persons’ Federation’s Telecall Service Center to offer barrier-free taxi tickets to disabled perworkersons wworkerith travel neeforward-thinkingds; Carry out activities such as lion lstrength怎么变动词ove lunch company. He said that the two sides have forgeforumsd deeper friendship through the symposium. He hoped that the two sides could strengthen interaction, continue to communbetween andicate and learn from each other in the future work, and continuously promote tgathering是什么意思he high-quality development of the cause of the disabled.

Guo Yongyong, Chairman

At the meeting, the two sides shared ideas on how to better carry out thstrength复数e servicstrength翻译e for the disabled and how to enhance the influence of service activitiestrength翻译s. The two sforum是什么意思ides hacommunication可数还是不可数dforum in-workoutdepth communication on the daily work of the dbetween的英语怎么读啊isabled and new modestrength的几种形式ls and ideas of service develostrength英语pment. The atmosphere was warm and wonderful.

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