Shenzhen Bay Anti-cancer campaign to care for patients and warm people's hearts -- The Medical and Health Commission carried out anti-cancer care activities

On July 31, 2021, lions Club shenzhen medical And Health Committee's anti-cancer Care acpeople英语怎么读tivity of 2021-2022 was held in Nanshan District. The activity took the form of walking, organizing the expertwarms and patienwarm翻译ts to walk and chat in shenzhen Bay Sports Park from Hilton Hotel Shekou.


This yizhen a深证指数ctivities by the global cancer consortium (GCOG), Hong Kong university scancer是什么意思henzhe拔牙后注意事项n hospitawarmerl, shenzhen second peo八月长安ple's hospital, Peking University shenzwarmerhen hospital, domestic academy of medical sciences cancer hospital and baoan shepeople可数吗nzhen hospital central hospital, global cancer within the doctor-patient committee to undertake, in collaboration with the shenzhen lions healthpeople翻译 ccare什么意思中文意思ommicareerttee. Tang Quanhui, the proposed chairperson of the Medical and Healthwarm怎么读语音 Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2021-2八一中文网022, Zhou Minxia, Li Chunping and Chen Heng, the proposed executive chshenzhenairmewarmingn, Zhang Zhiyu, the captain of Fuai Service Team, Xu Zhiming, Hu Dcampaignersianjun, Dong Xiaoying and Li Zheng of Hongya Service Team, and Fan Qingantistresspingpeople是可数名词还是不可数名词, the director of Shenzhen Aikang Home Serious Illnesscare什么意思中文意思 Care Center, attended the evecancer中文意思nt. Professor Kong F八月长安engming, Professor Xie Heng, Professor Wang Shubin, Professor Zhou Zeqcancer翻译iang, Professor Jin Jing, Professor Liu Yajie, Professor He Shaozhong, Professor Tian Geng and other experts participatedcancer中文意思 in the free diagnosis.

In the evening after the rain, a cool breezepatients怎么读 swept away the heat of the day by the bank of Shenzhen Bay. Patantidoteients and experts walked and talked alon深证指数g the greecancer翻译n road of Shenzhenpeoples Bay. Patients consucampaign什么意思中文lted the experts about their perplexing proble深圳大学ms, and the experts gave detailed answers. Combined with patients' own conditions, patients wcancerp&gere given guidance from various aspantimalware占用内存过高ects of treatment, diet, exercise and psychology. One patient said that she had been w深证指数ondering ifcancerp&g vitcarelessamin supplements were helpful for cancer trepeoplesatment. The expert introduced to her the importance of comprehensive and healthy nutrition (including vitamins) for cancer recovery and gave her very practical advice. She said happily: "Usually the doctpeople翻译ors are too busy, today it is rare to have thiwarm怎么读s opportunity they are so careful for us to answer, I feel a great harvest." "2021 GCOG Shenzhen Bay Anti-Cancer Tour" is a kind of healthybay walking free clinic activity鲅鱼 borrowed from foreign countries. You can talk with patients while walking in a beautiful enviropatientsnmantigenent, and solve some of their problems. Along the way, the experts activel八月长安y popularized cancer knowledge, answered questions focarefulr patients, and introduced the latest progress of cancer treatment acccancer翻译ording to patients' questions.

After nearly anwarm的名词 hour of walkingcancerous, the tewarmlyam arrived at the end of the anti-cancer campaign - Shenzhen Bay Sports Park. At this time, it was already dark. After answering all the questions of the patienwarm反义词ts, the frpatient是什么意思ee clinic activity came to a successful end.

The free clinic activity has been praised by the patients, everyopeoplenewarmly said that in the case of difficult tcareero see a docarector, experts are difficcancer杂志ult to make an appoi八月未央ntment, can get experts to answer questions and guidance carefully, har拔牙多少钱vest a lot; At the same time, they feel cared by the society and have morwarm反义词e confidence in treatment.peoples Experts participating拔牙多少钱一颗 in the event also said that frcareer翻译ee diagnosis can better promo八一中文网te anti-cancer knowledge and introduce the importance of cancer screeninshenzheng. In today's high incidence of cancer, it is of great significance to i八月长安mprove the public's awareness of cancer prevention and control.


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