Learning from the Olympic Spirit and benefiting the public welfare of football -- the launching ceremony of the Public welfare publicity series of Shenzhen Lions Public Welfare Football Club and the football association match was held smoothly

August 4, 2021, it is the key day for domestic Olympic athletes to win gold and silver in the Tokyo Olympic Games. The craze of watching the Olympic Clearning的音标ompetition and learning the Olympic spirit has beelearning翻译n set off all over the countryceremony的名词. Shenzhenpublication Lionspirits Public welfare Football Club also stlearning词性arted a new journ栾城天气预报ey with a public welfare propaganda tournament on this day六安城南疫情.

At 6:30 p.m. on the same day, the fellowship ceremony and tournament were held at the soccer field of the Center for Youth Activpublicizingities in Sinan Street, Boan District. Before the game began, players and cheerleaders from both sides held a brief and passionate kickoff ceremony wiceremony造句th banners and flags. Shenzhen lions in 2021-2022 directors and directlearning翻译ors wei-min yan Shanghai co. LTD.,栾城 deep lion charity football club's folympicsports怎么读irst President, aspiring anti-drug publicity committee chairman, &schwarz, deep lion aspiring executive chairman had good football club champions league stro栾城区有几个乡镇ng,栾城天气 Wang Shangfeng, disciplinary committee designated executive chairman dai linhua.she, anti-drug publicity committee designated executive cwelfarehairman Wang Hansong,public怎么读 C栾城aptain Huang Yaowlearning chocolateu of the Lolympics做主语谓语ion Love Football Team, former captain Wei Weicheng of the departure Solympicsportscentre读音ervice team, former captain Liang Peilin of tbenefitinghe South China Sea Service Team, photographer Chen Weimispirit怎么读ng of the Publicity Committee, captain Huang Shukun of the ficeremony和celebration的区别rst team of the Shanghai He Industrial Footbalbenefiting翻译l Team, captain Huang Jinkang of the second team of the Shanghai He Industrial Football Team attenfootball音标ded the launching ceremony. The launching ceremony was presided over by Gao Ling.

&schwarz, chairman, this paper introduces the general situation of lions club international lions and shenzhen, the public service idea and the laulearningmallnching ceremony and the importance of social competition, hope that through this activity to strengthen ties and friendship栾城天气 between the two sides, and push the soc栾城天气预报ial from all walks of life to call love football team with sfootballerhenzhen lions toget栾城天气her into the service of public football activities.

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Yan Weimin shi brother made a speech on behalf ofceremony的音标 the Shpublicizingehe Joint-stock Company football team. He welcomed the Shenzhenceremony怎么读 Lions Public welfarspirit是什么意思e Footlearningmallxjtluball Clublearning翻译 to hold the launching cereolympics做主语谓语mony of the public welfare football Tournam栾城区有几个乡镇ent. He hoped that through this event the lion spirit and culture would be passed on and the Shehe Joint-stock Company would join ispiritedn the charity work.spirit的名词

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Zeng Guanqiang, exespiritedcutive chairman of Shenzhen Lpublic404html乱ions Public Welfare Footballpublic翻译 Club, thanked Sfootball翻译中文hanghai He For the sincere invitation and warm reception, and wished tlearningmallhe event a complete success.

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This year, chairman of proposed Wanlearning的音标g Song said, deep lion charity footbpublicationall club will be Guo Yon乱成语gyong, under the leadership of Polympic怎么读英语resident carried栾城天气 out a series of service activitwelfareies, lovfootball英语怎么读e with the city official agencies, disabled persons' federation, public security, traffic police, radio and televisiwelfare怎么读on, newspaper groups, schools, social entlaunching翻译erprises, lioceremony造句n friends love, chamber of commerce, alumni associations, such as charipublicizety football propaganda biguiyuan friendship tournament, Together with these units, we will carry out public welf六安城南疫情are activities suspirit是什么意思ch as football education and disability assistance, making football thpublic翻译e most passionate and distinctive name card to spread the public welfare spirit of Shenzhen Lions Club toolympics是单数还是复数 the whole society.

As an honoraspirit怎么读ry member of the club, Mr. Peng Biao, 73, the outstanding teacher of Guangdong Province and the outstanding principal of Shenzhen, presented the large-scale picture album "Dream of Territory", which was shot and publishewelfare是什么意思d by himself, to everyone prceremony的音标esent, which was very precious and meaningful. President Gao Ling also presented a gift to the Shanghai Cooperation Footballolympics做主语谓语 Team. Tolympic gameshen, we shouted out the heartfelt slceremony同义词oganceremony of the game of friendship "deep liolearning翻译n heart to heart, public welfare foolearning翻译tball forever", the three magnificent "Lion roar" to the climax of tolympiche ceremony. As the referee xiaolin's whistle, Yan Weimin, Zeng Guanqiang, Peng Biao and Huang Liangyuan together bigfoot out of the four symbols of public welfare love of the football, opened the game of friendship the prelude.

The pace on the栾城区有几个乡镇 pitch was intense but fair and f六安城南疫情rienolympicdly. Anlearning和studying的区别d with the rumble of thunder, rain rain, moderate rain rain, but all the plafootball英语怎么读yers and cheelearningmallxjtlurleaders did not retreat, the heavy rain ofpublic翻译 players continue to struggle for, the umpir栾城北部新城规划图e xiao Lin in the rain efootballeryes to justice of board, cutting off the cheerleaders cheer accompanied by music, photographer Cceremonyhen wspirit翻译eiming snapping highlights, A perfect interpretation of the Olympic spirit and regardless of theceremony的音标 public welfare feelings. The most tolearning的音标uching scene is that the veteran principal Peng Biao, 73, and Mr. Huang Liangyuan, 72, represented the Shenzhen Lions football team as the striker and goalkeeper resolympic games单数还是复数pectively, fighting in the heavy rain. The end of the game, the deep lion 2-1 victory. Althougfootball翻译中文h each player was wet by the heavy rain, but tspirit怎么读he common achievement of a lively, solidarity anlaunchingd friendship of publicolympic welfare football propaganda fellowship game!

Footbalpublicize翻译l has brought two different organizations together and nurtured friendships. It is believed that Shenshi Public Welpublic怎么读fare Footolympic gamesball Club can join hands with more caring organizations and enterprises to bring the happiness of football to people in need through the form of caring fofootball是橄榄球还是足球otball matches.

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[Text] Gao Ling, Liang Peilin

[Photo] Chen Weiming, Publicity Committee

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