“Go into the community to care for the elderly eye disease to send light public welfare action” was held in Baihua community

On July 30th, sponsored by Shenzhen Love and Care Office, Yuanling Sub-district Office, Futian District, Shenzhen and Shenzhen Lions Cluintob; Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital (city Second Hospital)工资超过5000怎么扣税, Shenzhen Lielderlyons Club Blicaregiverndness Prevention Committee, Shenzhen Lions Club Shenzhen Bay, Cha公积金ngyuan,into1 Shande service team, Shenzhen Futian Dissendyounametomars官网trilightroom手机版ct Yuanling Sub-district office, Nantian Community Party Committee undertook the acelderly和eldertivity “Into the community to care for the elderly eye disease send light public welfare aintoction” in Baihua community. Ophthalmology, Translatcommunity翻译ielderly和elderonalelderly是什么意思 Medicine Research Ielderly怎么读nstitute, Geriatrics department, rheumatology Depaintonationrtment, ultrasound department and other medical staff came to support the activity.





This activity aims to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of domestic, the response to the party’s ccommunity造句all, condensed volunteer force, mean it do good for the populace, does the practical work, into a line plight翻译osition, in bayi army day approaching tointo是什么意思 the flowers of the comeyesmunity the veteran to express holiday greetings, veterans and members give consolation money to difficulties, for the communitylighter residents to carry out an eyeeyelid disease, rheumatism, geriatrics Andinto怎么读 internal medicicommunityne and other preyes英语怎么读ofessional free diagnosis andinto是什么意思 health guidance, and to the community to bring advanced AI artificial intelligence and ophthalmology combined wlightningith diabetic retinopathy (hereinaftcommunity造句er referred to as “sugar net”)elderly是什么词性 screening technology, for diabetes patients fundus disease examinaeyes是什么意思tion.




Ophthalmsend什么意思ology Institute of Shenzhen Second Hospital and Harbin Institute of Technologcommunity怎么读音y carried out a sugar mesh screening project combining AI and ophthalmology

Sugar mesh is one of the most common and serious complications of diabetes mellitus, with a prevalence rate of about 65disease的形容词% in the diabetic population. It is the leading blindicommunity造句ng disease in the working age population. As工资超过5000怎么扣税 a工资超过5000怎么扣税 common and multiple disease, sugar nesendingt has no obvious clinical manifestations in the early stage, and the blindness rate increases year by year with the prolonged csend什么意思ourse of disease. Early and timely diagnosi龚俊s and treatment casend翻译n reduce the riskcare怎么读 of blindness by 90%. Therefore, prevention and screening of sugar welightroombs in elinto1成员derly patients with diabetes is very importantdisease是什么意思. However, tcommunity造句he cuelderly翻译rrlightroom安卓版下载ent grassroots hospitals are shor公司让员工下班发手机电量截图t of equipment and physicianelderly翻译 resources, and the popularity rate of sugar screen screening is low. About half of diabetes patients cannot receive funinto1超话dus examination when they see a doctor.


The ai-intodiagnostic technologcare是什么意思y of sugar mesh screening for dilated fugooglendus photography developed by the Ophthalmology Institute of Shenzhen Second Hospital, Combined with Translational Medicine Research Institute and Harbin Institute of Technology, helps to provide patients with complelighthousete and accurate supportiinto1超话ng services, and solves the current probleintoms of insufficient ophthalmology dcareoctors ieye怎么读n Chinadisease和illness区别, time-consuming manual film reading, strong subjeelderly的中文意思ctivity and high requirements for doctors. Wielderly怎么读th the continuous progress of tdisease和illness区别his project, it is expected to be widely used in early screening of sugdisease的形容词ar net and risk assessment in the future, benefiting diabetes patients all over the country.


The Ophthalmology department of Shenzhen No.2 Hospital is a key discipline of the hospital. It has a number of advcarelessanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, such assending femtoseinto怎么读cond laser refractive correction system, CENTURION Phacoemulsifelderly前面加a还是anication instrumentgo, Constellation anterior and posterior segment vitrectomelderly前面加a还是any machine, multi-eye comprehensive analysis and diagnosis system,career翻译 German Roland multi-focal eleccareertrophysiological system, Zeiss non-dilatelderly的中文意思ed fundus fluorescein angiograph工资超过5000怎么扣税y instrument, etc . The hospinto1小跟班ital is the first hospital in Shenzhen to carry out vitreolighthouseretinitis surgery, phacoemulsificationinto1成员 of cataract surgery, and the first public hospital in Shenzhen to carry out excimercommunity翻译 laser correction of refractive errors, the technical level is inlightning接口 the leading position in Shenzhen. With cataract, fundus disease, ocular trauma and optometry as the focus of development.


Tcare什么意思中文意思ranslational Medicine Research Institute of Shenzhen Second Hospital

The Translational Medicine Research Institute of Shenzhen No.2 Hospital is a municipal translational medicine research platform, mainly responsible for the basic research of translational medicine and the tra枸杞nsformation of medical scientific and technological achievements. The Institute establishes and deveelderly怎么读lops a chain reaction innovation model of “clinical demand – scientific research – clinical validation – promotion ansendyournametomarsd applsend的过去式ication”, and provideeyes英语怎么读s a high-end technical service platform for basic medical research and transsendlatiodisease怎么读nal medicine research and development by integrating, integrating and optimizing scientific and technological resources, integrating superior resources and cooperating wdisease怎么读ith relevant entlightroom安卓版下载erprises.

The original address:into是什么意思 https://www.toutiao.com/i6990636741187191335/?tt_frcommunity是什么意思英语om=wcare怎么读eixin&elderly utm_campaign=client_share& wxshare_count=1&careful是什么意思 timestamp=162sendyourname7639678& apintonationp=news_article& utm_source=weixin& utm_medium=toucommunity翻译tiao_android& use_new_style=1& req_id=20210730180757010212into1成员2052020E1838B4& share_token=d2cbdd33-6c3d-40e4-bb4f-308d100f8293& group_ieye翻译d=6990636741187191335lightning

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