Shenzhen Lions Club will hold the 2022-2023 Cadre Training

From August 19 to 21, 2022, the 2022-2023 Cadre Training of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Dongguan Houjie International Hotel. Thirty-nine lecturers including Jiang Xiezhen, chairman of GLT and head of the lecturers’ group, Li Xiaotao, Zhou Fuhui, Ma Feng, Huang Jieling, Kai Ke and Li Chunchang participated in on-site teaching, teaching assistants and logistics services. The lecturers’ excellent speeches presented a wonderful course for the students, and the students said that they gained a lot.


During the training activities, the lively and interesting outreach activities enhanced the friendship of lions, the wonderful courses deepened the understanding of the leaders of Lions on the 2022-2023 work plan, and the well-planned case group discussion helped each committee, each district and service team to clarify their responsibilities and formulate detailed annual work plans. The training was conducted in two batches in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control to control the number of participants and ensure the safety of participants. At the same time, all the participants will scan their 24-hour health code and travel code, take their temperature and wear masks.


Peng Dao-jian, President of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2022-2023, Guo Yongyong, the last president, Nie Xiangdong, the first vice president, Tan Fei, former president Lu Zhiqiang, Tian Xingxing, Xiao Xingping, Wang Jinliang, Secretary-General Zhou Wenpei, Chief Financial Officer Xu Qiubin, Chief Secretary Chen Xusheng, Chief Inspector Lian Chuhai, Executive Deputy Secretary-General Yu Xiaoping and other directors,Supervisors Wang Danya and Li Li,The Chairman of the Board and representatives of the service teams attended the training. Rong Jing, vice Chairman of the Education and Training Committee of the Domestic Lions Association, visited to guide. Nie Xiangdong was the chairman of the conference, Chen Xusheng, Li Chunchang and Jin Qian were the executive chairmen, and Jiang Xiezhen was the course coordinator.


Lecturer Gao Ling around “good deeds Pengcheng, to the new line; With the theme of “uniting force to pass the flag (strange), heart into victory (sincere)”, the lion friends are guided to eliminate barriers and promote understanding in the ice breaking game through the rich warm-up exercises. All the lion friends and instructors entered the “heart” and opened the new training with the annual slogan.

Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice President of CCDI, extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the meeting. He thanked the Executive Chairman for his hard work in preparing the training and the Lions who had sponsored the training. Due to the epidemic, this training was conducted in two batches. Thanks to the double efforts of the lecturers, who provided a platform for Lion friends to share exchanges and resources. He hopes everyone can pool their wisdom, learn from each other, improve the level of lion affairs, and share the training results with more lion friends.

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The head of the lecturers’ group, Jiang Xiezhen, led the lecturers who participated in the training and made a course review. Jiang Xiezhen introduced the new training of Shenzhen Lions Club from 2006 to now. Every year, a group of leading Lions have completed the training through the skills learning of various positions, supporting the realization of the district’s annual goals, so as to better “help others and serve the society”.

Jiang Xiezhen.jpg

Chairman Peng Daojian introduced the interpretation of theme and target for 2022-2023. This year, the Shenzhen Lions Club will focus on the annual theme of “Going New” with the theme of “Good Deeds”. “To the New” is the annual slogan, adhere to the principle of Party building and guiding organization and governance, resolutely maintain the two systems of “faith and credit” accumulated after 20 years of development, grasp the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and construct the new development pattern, focusing on the service field of the disabled, national strategic service field, medical and health service field, harmonious community service field. He said that under the correct guidance of Domestic Lions Federation and Shenzhen Disabled Persons Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club will take on new responsibilities and make new achievements to welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. He hopes to lead the Lions to cherish the learning opportunities, participate in the interaction enthusiastically, discuss and think closely with the problems existing in the service team, the division and the committee, and jointly complete the annual task.

Peng Daojian Workplan.jpg

Tan Fei, the second Vice president, introduced the outline of activities for the year 2022-2023, sorting out and explaining the main activities of the year from aspects of Party building, conference affairs, training, inauguration ceremony of tribute ceremony, international exchanges, annual conference and fundraising.

Tan Fei's speech.jpg

Secretary General Zhou Wenpei on the lesson “Shenzhen Lions Club’s High Quality Development: Party Building”. With the strengthening of the leadership of the Party, the expansion of the social organization and the improvement of the system, in order to achieve high-quality development, LIONS Club Shenzhen must adhere to the overall leadership of the Party, adhere to the principles of political, legal and autonomy, strengthen the construction of the party branch and functional branch, carry out publicity, education and training, and carry out more party building activities into the community. He hoped that the leading Lions, especially the Party members, could give full play to their pioneering and exemplary role as well as their role as fighting fortresses of functional party branches.

Zhou Wenpei Party Class.jpg

The training is carried out by group discussion of responsibility cases, which is divided into eight groups, including director, committee, captain, first vice-captain, second vice-captain, third vice-captain, secretary and finance. The lecturers guided the groups through well-designed case studies on the 2022-2023 work plan, ranging from Lions meetings, membership development and retention, service project implementation, training, and fundraising. The committees, divisions and service teams have developed coherent, detailed and practical annual work plans.

In the case study and work plan presentation, representatives of each group took the stage respectively to show the proposed annual work plan of the district, zone and committee, and report their gains and perceptions in the training. The Lions responded with enthusiastic applause to show their support and recognition.


At the closing ceremony, President Peng Daojian thanked the lecturers, the activity preparation team and the officers, and supported and encouraged the Lions who participated in the training. He hoped that the Lions would “learn for use and apply what they have learned” and bring what they have learned back to the service team, the district and the committee to promote the development of the Shenzhen Lions Club. Guo Yongyong, the former president of China, Lu Zhiqiang, the former president of China, Tian Xingxing, and the former President of China Wang Jinliang encouraged all the students to take this training as an opportunity to better improve their level of lion service.

Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice president of the Company, said in his concluding speech that the case show of the Lion Friends was full of highlights. He hoped that the Lion Friends would implement their goals into actions, be slow in words but quick in actions, start the new journey of the Lion affairs this year with learning harvest, and submit a satisfactory answer paper at the end of the year. Then, the leader Lion friends to the trainees issued a certificate of completion, which lasted three days and two nights of batch cadre performance training came to an end.

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