The first “First aid” of Shenzhen Lions Club entered Deep Love Semiconductor Co., LTD

Last year, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Lions Club and with the strong support of various service teams, the newly formed team of coaches and teaching assistants went all out to successfully hold the emergency committee in the face of multiple rounds of COVID-19 in Shenzhen37 gamesThe “First Aid By Your Side” service campaign is for2936 Person-timesProvided the first aid knowledge skills course training training, and donated to the society5 sets of Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)And won praise from all walks of life.

At the beginning of the New Year, the representatives of the Emergency Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club, Cui Weiying and Lei HD, continued to carry out the “First Aid Around” service activities. On August 3, 2022, the first training and training event of the Emergency Rescue Knowledge and skills course “First Aid at Your Side” organized by the Emergency Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Longgang District, Bougainvillea Semiconductor Co., LTD., with a total of 50 students attending the training and successfully completed.


Meng Jun, Director of Safety Office of Deep Love Semiconductor Co., Ltd. attended the event and gave a speech encouraging students to learn first aid skills, improve emergency response ability, and protect themselves and their families.


Wan Xiaoyun, Director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Cui Weiying, Lei HD, Luo Xiaobing, Chen Zheng from the Emergency Committee representatives, and Song Guozhu, captain of the Azalea Service team, during the event.

The instructor of the training team is Lei HD and Cui Weiying, and the coaches are Luo Xiaobing, Song Xuemei, Su Zhenlin, Liao Dongling, Lei Tao and Chen Zheng respectively.

The morning session will be lectured by Mr. Ray HD, covering basic first aid theory, trauma rescue techniques, home rescue (including burns, bee stings, pet bites, snake bites, electric burns, the use of betadine sticks, etc.) and the “Heimlich Treatment” for airway foreign body occlusion. While Lei gave a detailed and vivid speech, the instructor Cui Weiying, Song Xuemei, Su Zhenlin, Luo Xiaobing, Liao Dongling, Lei Tao and Chen Zheng cooperated and guided the students to carry out practical exercises: spiral bandaging, head bandaging, arm suspension belt, upper limb hemostatic bandaging, airway foreign body infarction first aid and so on.


In the afternoon, the instructor Cui Weiying gave a lecture on the important “cardiopulmonary resuscitation technology” course. She first explained each decomposition step and movement in detail. The instructors Su Zhenlin and Song Xuemei assisted the demonstration and led the students to practice repeatedly.


Then the practical test, by the coaches Cui Weiying, Luo Xiaobing, Song Xuemei, Su Zhenlin, Lei Tao, Liao Dongling as examiners, students group practical test.


Finally, 50 students passed the theoretical written test.


As the captain of the Rhododendron Service team, Song Guozhu, presented certificates of completion to the trainees.


In the New Year, the Emergency Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to vigorously promote the “First Aid Around” service activities to popularize the knowledge and skills of emergency rescue for people from all walks of life, enhance the safety awareness of the people, improve the ability of self-rescue and mutual rescue, and protect life.


[Text] Chen Zheng

[Photo] Chen Zheng

[Edit] Ma Huijuan   Hu Lei

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