Care for the people around you start from you and me —- Stroke Prevention Education Committee held the first publicity activity

In response to the national call to improve national health literacy, on August 11, 2022, the first “Stroke &nbsp” was held by the Stroke Prevention Education Committee of Shenzhen LIONS Club. “Know Ahead of timeprevention publicity activity was held on the 5th floor of National Speed Center, No. 3039 South Baoan Road, Luohu District.

President He Yajun, Shenzhen Lions Club 2022-2023 President Peng Daojian, First Vice President Nie Xiangdong, Second Vice President Tan Fei, Deputy Secretary General Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary General Tang Xue Yong, Zone Chairman Huang Shaofang and Li Yi, Zone Chairman Su Bing, Jia Xiping, Zhu Hongwei, Zhang Wenqing, Wen Zhiyong, Li Wei, A total of 95 people participated in this activity, including Li Zhou, Chairman of the Stroke Prevention Education Committee, Cheng Wenlei, honorary technical Consultant, Chi Feng, Secretary General of Shenzhen Stroke Society, Dr. Chen Shengyun, Deputy director of the Department of Neurology and Director of the Stroke Prevention Office of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, and captains of various service teams. The event was hosted by Meng Chun.


jpg on the spot

Chairman Peng Daojian and First Vice Chairman Nie Xiangdong delivered speeches respectively, speaking highly of the importance and necessity of the project and hoping that all service teams would give strong support and promote it. In the interview with the host Meng Chunshi sister, President Peng Daojian and First Vice President Nie Xiangdong all expressed their high hopes for the Stroke Prevention Education Committee.

Leadership speech.jpg

Chairman Li Zhou, the initiator of Stroke Knowledge in Advance, introduced the organizational structure and annual work deployment of the committee. Chairman Li Zhou said that he would strive to push the stroke project to a new level during his term. Tang Xueyong, deputy Secretary-General, provided the training of “Stroke Speaker” for the team leader, encouraging and promoting the team leaders to participate in the ranks of the speakers, so as to promote the comprehensive development of the “Stroke knowledge in advance” activity, help the National Health Commission of stroke prevention and screening activities, and protect the cerebrovascular health of the Chinese people.

The chairman spoke.jpg

Chairman Peng Daojian and Chairman Li Zhou presented certificates of appreciation to the team leaders who hosted the first event, which were received by Chairman He Yajun.

In the activity, Dr. Chen Shengyun explained the case carefully, analyzed the data and preached the correct method to prevent stroke; Chen Shengyun reminded that life pressure, anxiety, staying up late, smoking, drinking, improper diet are important factors causing stroke, stroke is becoming younger and younger, no longer a disease of the elderly, a variety of scientific data is sounding the alarm!

Lecture venue.jpg

During the event, doctors and nurses examined the lions in a professional and dedicated manner.


In this activity, 75 members of the team attended this year, and 20 members of the Stroke prevention Education committee attended. 47 people participated in blood biochemical test and 20 people had carotid artery color. All the indicators qualified only 6 people, qualified rate is low, people worry! This is the original intention of the activity: to care for the lion friends, care for the people around, let everyone pay more attention to their own body, scientific exercise, healthy life.

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【 Text 】 Zhang Sulan

[Photo] Wang Haibin and Wu Shaoyi

[Editing] Ma Huijuan Hu   grey

【 Typesetting 】 Du Shaoheng

Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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