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On October 20, 2022, the launching ceremony of the 2022-2023 “Red Beginner’s Mind Blue Mission” — diabetes prevention education service activity of Shenzhen Lions Club of China was successfully held at Biyuan Villa, Wangtong Road, Luohu District. Peng Dao-jian, President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Weng Hua, Chief Supervisor, Xie Jianwen, President of Shenzhen Lions Club and Director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Su Ze-ran, former President, Chen Xusheng, Chief Inspector Lian Chu-hai, Deputy Secretary General Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary General Li Chun-chang, Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club Huang Shao-fang, Lin Xiaoyi, Wu Zhijian, Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club Liu Jun, Zhu Hongwei, Zhang Wenqing, Supervisors Li Zhou, Deng Yi, Zhao Hui, Wang Danya, Li Xiaofeng, Lv Guiqin, Chairman of the Diabetes Prevention Publicity Committee Zhang Haiteng, chairman of the Disability Committee Su Jianhua, leader of the Lion Guide team Ouyang Fan, executive chairmen of the Diabetes Prevention Publicity Committee Li Feng, Zhao Xuemei, Chen Xiaoxue, Wang Cheng, Zhang Shengxing and more than 200 people attended the activity. The launch ceremony was chaired by Zhang Shengxing and presided over by Zhao Zhong and Qi Ying.

Chairman Zhang Haiteng made a welcoming speech and introduced the current severe situation of diabetes prevention and control. He pointed out the importance of national fitness and healthy life, and said that the mission of the Diabetes Prevention Publicity Committee is to timely and correctly disseminate the knowledge of diabetes prevention and control to the community and the general public.


The Executive Chairman Wang Cheng introduced the work plan of the Diabetes Prevention Publicity Committee this year. No less than 60 service teams will be mobilized to participate in the committee. Each service team will undertake the service expenses of 5,000 yuan, and the service expenses of 300,000 yuan will be raised. Each service team sent 1 representative to participate in the diabetes prevention education training class, and 60 sugar lecturers were produced. Each service team conducted 2 diabetes prevention education activities, and a total of 120 sugar promotion activities were carried out. The Diabetes Prevention Education Committee will hold four large-scale events that will affect one million citizens. Li Feng showed the activities of the Diabetes Prevention Education Committee in the past five years through a video, once again calling on people to pay attention to the significance and importance of diabetes prevention education.

Peng Daojian, president of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, led the leaders of the lions and the team members of the Diabetes Prevention Education Committee to light the lights on stage, and the diabetes prevention education service of Shenzhen Lions Club of China was officially launched in 2022-2023. The captain of this year’s Service team of Lions Club Shenzhen, China, took the stage to read the “Blue Mission” Initiative of Lions Candy Club.

In his concluding speech, President Peng Daojian fully affirmed the achievements and efforts made by the Diabetes Prevention Education Committee in the past five years. He stressed the harm of diabetes to individual body and family, and advocated the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China to mobilize all forces and do a good job in diabetes prevention and publicity based on the community. He said, We have full confidence in the propaganda and education of diabetes prevention in the future.

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