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In the golden autumn of October, in Colorful Yunnan, from October 14 to 18, 2022, the Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee of China Shenzhen Lions Club, together with the Student Service Committee and Yitian Service Team, held two lion seminars and exchange activities for 5 days in Dali and Kunming of Yunnan Province.

Over the past two years, due to the impact of the global novel coronavirus epidemic, the exchange of visits between Lions across the country has been blocked, and the past offline activities such as “exchange meetings, training meetings and sharing meetings” have been greatly restricted. In the face of the lion business exchange under the epidemic situation, the Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China, on the basis of the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work, adopted innovative ideas and measures such as “personnel restriction”, “precise counterpart communication” and “avoiding the epidemic city” to solve the current situation of limited external exchanges and innovated to promote the change of the exchange mode. It ensures “continuous personnel exchanges and foreign exchanges”, and effectively promotes exchanges, learning and cooperation between the offices of China Lions Federation (hereinafter referred to as “China Lions Federation”) and Lions Club Shenzhen China. Through cross-regional exchange and learning, the Lions Club of Shenzhen China will enhance friendship, deepen the experience of the Lions and the Lions, learn from each other and grow together!

The “Gaoyuanhong” Clean Water Action Seminar and donation ceremony was held in Dali

On October 14th, the “Highland Red” Water Purification Workshop and donation ceremony was held in Dali, Yunnan Province, jointly sponsored by the Shenzhen Lions Club Yitian Service Team and the Guangming, Colorful Lions and Merlion Service Teams of the China Lions League Yunnan Representative Office. Thirty-eight Lions from Shenzhen Lions Club Delegation led by President Peng Daojian and 36 Lions from Yunnan Representative Office of China Lions Federation led by Director Gou Xiaoyong attended the event.

The 14th group photo.jpg

Tan Fei, the second vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, Tao Wenren, the second vice director of Yunnan Representative Office of China Lions League, chaired the meeting. Wu Zewei presided over the meeting.

The president of the General Assembly tolled the bell

Ms. Xie Yan, Chairperson of the Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, introduced the guests and delivered a welcoming speech. Ms. Xie Yan expressed her gratitude to the members of the Board of directors, chairmen of all committees and captains of the delegation headed by Ms. Peng Daojian, who went to Yunnan to participate in the service activities and actively support the foreign exchange work. Meanwhile, she also expressed her gratitude to the Lions of Yunnan Representative Office for their thoughtful preparation and dedication. Thanks for your efforts at the moment of the epidemic, we could have the opportunity for Shenyun Lions to participate in the seminar together in Dali, and for Shenzhen Lions to serve together with Yunnan Lions. I believe that our love for public welfare will promote the in-depth exchanges, mutual learning and common growth of the two Lions.

Guest Speaker Xie Yan on 14th.jpg

Shi Zhaoxiang, the person in charge of the water purification equipment company, introduced the principle and use effect of the water purification equipment installed by the “Gaoyuanhong” project to the primary schools in Yunnan, so that the lion friends could have more understanding of the equipment, so as to better understand the “Gaoyuanhong” service activities and serve the schools in need. Chen Yu from Yunnan Representative Office introduced the drinking water situation of primary schools in remote areas of Yunnan Province. There are many cases of relying on the weather to drink water and relying on mountains to drink water. Drinking water problems have been plaguing schools for a long time, such as drought and natural disasters, which seriously affect the drinking water and health of school students. When water is available, the quality of the water does not meet national drinking water standards. The problem of clean water is imminent, the introduction of water purification equipment for schools, so that students drink clean water is the wish of every caring person for students. The “Highland Red” project of the Shenzhen Lions Yitian Service Team in China arrived in Yunnan and has installed equipment in three primary schools, quickly and efficiently solving the problem of drinking water in the schools.

The 14th stone faces the phase.jpg

Zhong Shan from the Yitian Service Team of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China, introduced the relevant information of the “Gaoyuan Hong” project, and gave a brief description to more than ten schools in remote areas of Yunnan that have completed the research, hoping that more service teams could join in the completion.

No. 14 Zhong Shan.jpg

Zang Wei, Chairman of the Student Service Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, introduced the brand project of the committee and shared how to brand the project and its continuity. He also discussed the process sorting and implementation of the student program before the project and the evaluation plan after the project. He hoped that he could learn from Yunnan Representative Office during the exchange of student programs.

The Board shared.jpg on 14th

In the discussion section of the seminar, the students expressed their opinions and discussed the situation of the school, the drinking water, the social significance and the benefit of the students. At the end of the seminar, the Kaiping Public Welfare Foundation, the Yitian Service Team of the Shenzhen Lions Club of China and the Colorful Lions, Mei Lion and Bright Service team of Yunnan Representative Office held a donation ceremony and exchanged gifts.

Gou Xiaoyong, Director of Yunnan Representative Office, expressed his sincere gratitude to Shenzhen Lions for their help. Both the help from Shenzhen Lions Club of China to Yunnan Representative Office and the help from Shenzhen Lions Club of China to schools in remote areas of Yunnan are of long-term significance. He expressed his gratitude on behalf of the principals of the schools who could not be present due to the epidemic. So that students can drink safe and hygienic water.

The 14th Yunnan director spoke.jpg

Peng Daojian, president of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China, affirmed in his concluding speech that the “Gaoyuanhong” service project is of great significance to help the children drink comfort water and protect the health of the next generation. Yunnan Lion Friends do a good job in local research, and provide a good foundation for Shenzhen Lion Friends to come from afar to do service, help each other and grow together. He called on Shenzhen, China, to be more involved in building quality and practical educational programs to benefit more children.

14th President Peng spoke.jpg

At the meeting, the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China donated 200,000 yuan of student service funds, and the school representative presented a pennant.

The exchange and study meeting was held in Kunming

On October 17, the exchange and Learning meeting between China Lions League Yunnan Representative Office and China Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Kunming. Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice president of China Shenzhen Lions Club, and Cui Xia, the first vice director of China Shenzhen Lions Club were the chairmen of the meeting. Chen Yu presided over the meeting.

Wechat photo _20221021163514.jpg

Host Chen Yu introduced the guests present. Chen Xumei, Chairman of the Foreign Exchange Committee of Yunnan Representative Office, expressed her sincere welcome to Shenzhen Lions Club of China. She hoped to have more exchanges with Shenzhen Lions Club of China in the future, learn better operation of lions business, and make Yunnan Lions Club have greater growth.

No. 14 Chen Yu.jpg

Two special presentations were arranged for the exchange, namely “Lions as a Career” by Wu Zewei, senior lecturer of the Shenzhen Lions Club, China, and “Lions Etiquette and Rules” by Lin Yan Sek, senior lecturer of the Shenzhen Lions Club, China.

      In lecturer Wu Zewei’s speech “Taking Lions Club as a Career”, he analyzed and shared what is the career of Lions, why he joined Shenzhen Lions Club, why he can take Lions Club as a career and so on. The topic was novel and active interaction with lions, and the scene atmosphere was warm.

Miss Wu shared.jpg

      In the lecture on the Etiquette Rules of the Lions Club, Lecturer Lin Yanche gave detailed explanations and guidance on the dressing, reception, position, position and seating arrangement of the Lions Club. The Lions in Yunnan said it was very practical and put what they had learned into practice.

Miss Lin shared.jpg

During the project roadshow and discussion session, Zhao Mingxing, Yunnan Lion Friend, conducted a roadshow for the project “Lion Love Life Saving Action”. Huang Shaofang, Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club Zone 1, shared the key points of membership retention, Jin Qian, chairman of Zone 2, shared the key points of joint service, Li Yi, chairman of Zone 3, shared the importance of leadership, Zang Wei, Chairman of Student Services Committee, shared the project of brand building. In the process of exchange and sharing, the Lions have benefited a lot.

Peng said in his speech that due to the impact of the epidemic, both “going out” and “inviting in” have been inconvenient. The Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club of China linked the resources and led the Lions to Yunnan for exchange and study. I would like to commend Xie Yan, the leader and Wu Zewei, the deputy leaders of the preparation activity, so that each of the Lions can benefit the local students and highlight the Lion spirit. Peng Daojian, President of Shenzhen Lions Club, donated 50,000 yuan on behalf of Lions Club of China to support the service projects in Yunnan, hoping to accelerate the exchange and implementation of the service activities of Shenzhen Cloud.

The Shenzhen Lions Club of China 2022-2023 President Peng Daojian, First Vice President Nie Xiangdong, second Vice President Tan Fei, former President Lu Zhiqiang, Executive Vice Secretary Yu Xiaoping, Zone Chairman Huang Shaofang, Jin Qian, Li Yi, Zone Chairman Wei Xinxin, Su Bing, Jia Xiping, Huang Shanjiao, Zhang Yanchen, Special Assistant to the President Tang Qing, Qian Lin, Wu Jinzhi, Xie Yan, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Exchange and Cooperation, Zang Wei, Chairman of the Committee for Student Assistance, Yao Li, Chairman of the Committee for Information Technology, Wang Xiaoliang, Chairman of the Committee for Awards, Gao Rui, Chairman of the Deep Lion News Agency, Wu Zewei, Lin Yanche, Captain of the Service team Shi Xiaoping, Yi Lihua, Du Juan, Chen Xinhong, Qi Tao, and a total of 38 Lions participated in the “Deep Cloud” exchange and student assistance trip.



Gao Rui, Deep Lion News Agency

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[Editor] Liu Jun, Deep Lion News Agency

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