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2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. This year is the tenth year that Guo Yongyong has joined the Shenzhen Lions Club of China. It is also a brilliant year for him as the 2021-2022 president of the Shenzhen Lions Club of China.

During his tenure as the second vice president and then president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, Guo Yongyong made a large personal donationMore than one million yuan, fundraising high over the yearsMore than 16.65 million yuan. In the course of his lion road, no matter it was the Ya ‘an earthquake, the treatment of brain tumor patients, the donation to the school, the charity fundraising, the change of leadership sponsorship, etc., he left a strong mark in the donation record of the District club, and made outstanding contributions to the development of China Shenzhen Lions Club.

The reporter of Deep Lion News Agency made a special visit to Guo Yongyong, who just stepped down as the former president, and asked him to introduce his spiritual journey in the past year to the lion friends, as well as his thoughts and insights on the road.


News Agency reporter:The LOGO for the year 2021-2022 is yellow with the letters SZ and the number 20 as the main body. What meaning did you give to this emblem design?

Guo Yongyong:The design was yellow, representing the positive energy of the Lions Club. The letter “SZ” is the pinyin abbreviation of “Shenzhen, China” and the number “20” represents the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Lions Club in Shenzhen, China in 2021-2022. It means that the 20th anniversary of the positive Shenzhen Lions Club has come to the harvest season. Looking ahead to the next 20 years of the Shenzhen Lions Club in China, we are full of hope and expectation!

News Agency reporter:The theme of your term is “Keep your original intention and serve together”, and the slogan is very concise “I serve, I am happy”. Why did you propose “Keep your original intention”?

Guo Yongyong:On April 2, 2022, the Shenzhen Lions Club of China will celebrate its 20th birthday. My original intention is to keep the original intention of “we serve” and do our best to serve the society together. “Give roses to others, and leave fragrance in your hands.” On the road to charity, the lions can feel happiness, both for the recipients and for the charity workers themselves.


News Agency reporter:As we all know, leadership is not easy in difficult times. Because of the epidemic, how did you lead the Shenzhen Lions Club to achieve its own development and public service?

Guo Yongyong:In the past two years, the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China has been working hard to provide public service, and at the same time, it has been consolidating its internal work and improving its service mechanism. In the year of 2021-2022, Lions Club Shenzhen China takes “One persistence, two improvements, three optimizations, Five types of services” as its overall work plan. The following work has been done:

1. Strengthen branch construction to lead the development of lion affairs

This year, Lions Club of Shenzhen, China has carried out the party building work in strict accordance with the requirements of the state, Lions Federation of China, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation of China and Shenzhen Social Organization Administration Bureau. Under the correct leadership and specific guidance of the committee directly under the official China Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, under the leadership of the Party organization, the Party Branch of Lions Club of China Shenzhen earnestly studies and implements the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and all plenary sessions of the 19th CPC National Congress, and constantly strengthens the basic construction of the branch with comprehensive strict Party governance and strengthened management as the center. We will actively promote the standardized management of Party members and strengthen the Party building of the five functional Party branches. Adhere to the party building leading lion affairs, give full play to the role of the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club of China as a fortress, and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the members of the Lions.

Ii. Efficient and practical organizational construction, standardized and orderly conference management

This year, Lions Club Shenzhen China has continued to improve its organizational construction, made innovations in party building, membership management, service management, financial management and publicity work, established and improved the corporate governance structure and operation mechanism of LIONS Club Shenzhen China, implemented democratic election, democratic decision-making and democratic management, and improved the internal supervision mechanism. To become a legal entity with clear powers and responsibilities, coordinated operation and effective checks and balances, and actively explore the development path of Lions Club with Chinese characteristics under the premise of adhering to the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

3. Inherit the Lion culture

The Shenzhen Lions Club of China inherits the Chinese national culture and the century-old Lion culture, innovates the communication forms of Lion culture, and follows the development path of Lions Club with Chinese characteristics guided by the spiritual civilization of integrity, posivity and competence. It builds a platform for the Lions Club and the service team, strengthens the training and publicity of Lion culture, and enhances the sense of honor and belonging of Lions Club. To enhance the cohesion of the Lions to the Lions family.

Fourth, adhere to the original intention to serve and build a better society

This year, the Lions Club of Shenzhen China responded to the call of the Party and the state on rural revitalization and “One Belt and One Road”, and continued to adhere to the social service orientation of “based on local conditions and serving the community”. Especially in the situation of the COVID-19 prevention and control situation, which is complicated, diversified and regular, the Lions Club of Shenzhen China actively responded to the national and official epidemic prevention and control policies. Under the premise of complying with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all members actively and effectively carry out service activities. On the basis of inheriting and promoting the brand of the original service projects, such as the Red Lion Costume of the Shenzhen Lions Club, the Station for the Disabled, the Red Action, the Spring Library, the Spring multimedia and electrical Classroom, the Care of sanitation workers, etc., the company constantly innovates the social service model, takes the precision assistance for the disabled as the main line, and adopts the methods of project funding allocation, unified planning, special commendation and annual evaluation. More than 140 service teams have been guided to carry out the activities of “First aid around”, “Care for sanitation workers”, “Precision Assistance for the disabled” and “Diabetes education”, promoting the popularization and promotion of emergency rescue knowledge, disabled people and sanitation workers, and youth drug control knowledge and diabetes education. From July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, Lions Club Shenzhen China has conducted 723 service activities, such as assisting the disabled, providing community services, assisting students, providing medical and health services, and promoting assistance, with a service fund of 48,396,800 yuan, 8,736 members participating in services, and 526,933 beneficiaries. The service expenditure per member is 12,492.72 yuan.

5. Standardizing foreign exchanges

Lions Club of Shenzhen China actively carries out foreign exchanges, strengthens the contact with relevant departments such as Lions Federation of China, Social Administration Bureau of Shenzhen City, Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation and so on, standardizes exchange activities, propagandizes foreign exchange policies, and implements application and approval procedures; Under the premise of improving epidemic protection and protecting the health of Lions, we respect the wishes of Lions, carry out lion Tours in an orderly manner, and actively carry out lion affairs exchanges with Guangdong Lions. Through the communication with lions in different parts of the country and the contact with the relevant departments in Shenzhen, China, the Shenzhen Lions Club was promoted to the society in a more comprehensive way, and a good image of the club was established.


News Agency reporter:You have made a great contribution to the implementation of the 2021-2022 Shenzhen Lions Club Service Project. What efforts have you made?

Guo Yongyong:During my tenure as president, the Lions Club of Shenzhen China has made remarkable achievements in social service, standardized management and cultural inheritance, and won recognition and praise from all walks of life. This year, we gathered more than 140 service teams, united the strength of more than 3,800 lion friends, and deeply cultivated the concept of “I serve, I am happy”. Through the power of public service organization, we built Shenzhen Lions Club into a public welfare organization that is trusted by the authorities, recognized by the masses and respected by the society. In March 2022, I was shortlisted as one of the “Top 10 Caring People” candidates in the 19th China Shenzhen Caring Action Selection, and “Shenzhen Lions Club of China Community Service Series Activities” and “First Aid by Your Side” shortlisted as “Top 100 Citizen Satisfaction Projects” candidate projects. These honors are inseparable from the efforts of the Lions. Lions are an indispensable source of strength for the continuous development of the Shenzhen Lions Club in China.


News Agency reporter:Thank you for leading us through the year of 2021-2022. You have completed the mission of President. How do you feel?

Guo Yongyong:The one-year long journey has made me gain a lot and feel quite deep. In this year, with the joint efforts of the Council, the special working organizations, the service team and all the Lions Friends, we successfully completed all the tasks of this year and made new contributions to exploring the development path of Lions Club with Chinese characteristics. Summarizing the past, we have made active exploration and practice for it; To seize the opportunities of the innovative development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, fully implement the decisions and arrangements on the development of philanthropy in Shenzhen, China, demonstrate their responsibilities with practical results, gather social philanthropy forces, and do their best to be the facilitator and leader of the innovative development of philanthropy, so as to make greater contribution to the building of the Lions Club with Chinese characteristics and Shenzhen style. I will also assist the board of directors, headed by Chairman Peng Daojian, to do a good job in lions affairs and continue to move forward on the road of public welfare. We believe that under the leadership of Peng Daojian, the president of the Lions Club from 2022 to 2023, the Shenzhen Lions Club of China will surely do good deeds and move forward in a new direction, creating a new wonderful and brilliant future. We are full of hope and expectation!



Gao Rui, Deep Lion News Agency

[Editor] Chen Meihong, Deep Lion News Agency

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