The Shenzhen Lions Club of China started to support students! The first precision Student Brand Project Roadshow competition is wonderful – Media Report – News Update – China Shenzhen Lions Club

Luohu home network news: On November 3rd, the launching ceremony of the 2022-2023 annual Education of Shenzhen Lions Club of China and the first precision Education Brand Project Roadshow competition was held in Luohu.

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It is reported that, in order to further promote the project and brand development of the precision education service of LIONS Club in Shenzhen, China, this competition has been carefully prepared for nearly two months and 8 online and offline work meetings. The online and offline collection of outstanding student projects for the road show competition. The service teams of Lions Club in Shenzhen, China actively applied for the competition, with a total of 36 service applications.

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There are 9 precision education projects participating in the road show competition of this precision education brand project. In line with the principle of “fairness, fairness and openness”, the conference invited 34 judges, including 11 principal judges, 11 deputy judges and 12 public judges, to make comprehensive evaluation based on the project scale, social influence, replicability, sustainability, innovation and site presentation. The “Spring Multimedia Classroom” project initiated by Hongli Service Team won the first prize, the “Youth Spiritual Growth and Companionship” project initiated by Yishan Service Team won the second prize, and the “Bright Heart” project initiated by High-tech Service Team won the third prize. The project of “Spring Breeze Library” initiated by Shajing Service Team, the project of “Teachers and gardeners holding hands” initiated by Happiness Service team, and the project of “Lions Love Sunshine” initiated by Lion Love Football Service team. Six projects, including the “Dream Green” project, the “Sunshine Talent” project initiated by the Earth King Service Team, the “‘ Phoenix Pei to Her ‘Physiological Health Education Public Service Project jointly initiated by the Phoenix Service Team and the Shell Service Team, and the” Flying with You Accurate Education Project “project initiated by the Future Service team, won the Outstanding project award.

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It is understood that the Shenzhen Lions Club is a civil charity service organization established on April 2, 2002, with the status of a social organization as a legal person. Since its establishment, the Lions Club has adhered to the principle of “independent operation and self-founding” and has carried out a series of social charity activities in the fields of medical treatment, disaster relief, disaster relief, disability assistance, education, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and other fields centering on the purpose of “helping others and serving the society”. In the year of 2021-2022, the service fund of Lions Club in Shenzhen, China is more than 46 million yuan, of which the student service fund is more than 22 million yuan, accounting for 47.83%.

This first precision education brand project Roadshow competition is the first trial of precision education and precision public welfare. Through the open selection of student aid brand projects, further enrich the content of student aid, innovate the form of student aid, expand the influence of precision student aid, and strive to create a group of Chinese Shenzhen Lions Club precision student brand projects with great social response, good social benefits and high public evaluation.

Source: Luohu Community Home Network   Reporter Xie Qiuping Correspondent Liu Meijiao Editor Liu Jiamin


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