The Circular on promoting thrift and opposing extravagance and waste will be implemented

The Circular on promoting thrift and opposing extravagance and waste will be implemented

Dear Lion friend,

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of thewaste的用法和短语 18th CPC National Congress ancircular和circle区别d the sixwastelandth Plenary Session of the 1oppo应用商店下载8th CPC Central Committee, implement the eigwaste用法ht regulations and six bextravagance翻译awastefulns of the CPC Central Committee and other relevant requirements, and in accordance withpromoting the spirit of the Notice on Further Advocating Thrift and Opposing Extravagance and Waste (China Lions Association Secrwillpoweretary [2017] No. 19) issthrifty是什么意思ued by thextravagantlye Domestioppo应用商店下载c Lions Association, Shenzhewaste的形容词n Lions Club apromoting怎么读ttaches great importance to the The advocacy service team carried out joint change of term, joint regular meeting and joint service activities in different areas, and achieoppo应用商店下载安装ved certain results. In order to further implement this work andoppo应用市场下载 spread the wind of pragmatiwillpowersm and frugality, the spthrift意思ecific requithriftierrements are hereby notified as follows:

First, improve understanding and unify thinking

To further sthrifty和frugal区别tudy and grasp xi general secretary about “hard to stick to do everything”opposing speech spirit, overcome “personal spending was not stanoppo应用商店下载安装dard intervention” wrong ideas, with pragmatic frugality as the theme, to resolutely opposed to the luxurious,will是什么意思 the wind of flaunt wealth as the focus, to carry forward the spiritimplemented什么意思 of practical and thrift, as far as possible to save social resources, Maximizoppo应用市场下载e the limited funds to serve the community in various activities.

Ii. Requiremethrift的动词nts for the Inaugural Meeting and transition Ceremowaste的形容词ny

The inaugural meeting and transition ceremony of the Service teaimplementedm is an important platforoppo应用市场下载m for the servwaste翻译ice team to summarize experience and communicate with each other. It is also a new startinwill是什么意思g point for the team to start again and set sail again. The focus should be on the inheritance of the Lion spirit, on improving the ability of sociopposing翻译al serwastelandvice and on the pthrift的动词lanning of organizational governance.

(1) No five-star hotel will hold the transition ceremothrift意思ny, founding conference, no luxurious dinner, appreciation banquet, do not show ofwill怎么读f the luxuryextravagant什么意思 owillingnessf the venue, do notcircularium compete with the luxury of catering, do not purwillpowersupromoting翻译e the number ofcircularity paroppo应用商店下载ticipants, do not misiwaste用法ntoppo应用erpret the meaning of the transitionoppo应用.

(2) Strongly advocate the joint reappointment of several service teams, or carry out the reappointment in the spromoting怎么读eoppo应用中心rvice activities.

(3) To properly budget expenditures and keep per capita expenditures within 200 yuextravagancean; Save resourcespromoting to the greatest extent, improve efficiency, simplify the form, avoid waste.

Mwaste翻译eeting and training requirements

(I) Reduce unnecessary meetings and training, and merge similar meetings or training as far as possible.

(2)extravagance Streamline the meeting process, compress the meeting time and reduce the printing of documents.

(3) To promote the thrifty styextravagancele of meeting, not to hold mopposing什么意思eetings and training in high-end consumer hotels and luxury private clubimplementeds, and to have working mextravagant怎么读eals instead of holding luxury dinner parties.

(4) Administrative funds shall noopposing什么意思t be usedwillpower to organize travel and viswill后面动词什么形式itswillpower unrelated to twillowhe conference; It is strictly prohibitedthrift to use administrative funds to organize entertainextravagantment and fitness activwillowities with high consumption.

4. Lion communication and reception reqcircular翻译uirements

(1) Advocating frugality andcircular是什么意思 pragmatism and simplifying the reception process.

(2) Advocate green environmental protection, reduce transport arrangements, as far as possible concentrated car.

(3) Do not repeawill后面动词什么形式t the organizing of banquewastedts except forwaste的形容词 normal welcoming banquets; If the number of reception objects is less than 10, the number of dining companions shall not exceed 3; If the number of guests exceeds 10, the number of dinner companions shall not exceed one third of the number of guests.

(thrifty翻译4) Tthriftierhe gifts given to foreign countries should be simple, simple and generous, and not extwillpowerravagant. The giftwastebaskets should be mainly lion articlesopposing和opposite的区别 wwastebasketith coimplemented什么意思mmemorative significance and easy to carry, such as badges, ties and silk scarves, or souvenirs and traditional handicrafts with local characteristics.

5. Eextravagant什么意思xpense reimbursement requirementthrift的动词s

(I) Expenses for conferences, training and large-scale lion activiopposing和opposite的区别ties shall be strictly controlled in accordance with the budget and reimbursed within the prescribed budget.willingness

(II) The expenses of conference,opposing翻译 traiwillowning and large-scale lion activoppo应用商店下载ities shall be paid directly to the interthrift意思nal training center, undertaking hotel, business or service organization according to the bank account specified in the contract or agreement after the hextravagant怎么读andliwillng personnel fill in thewill后面动词什么形式 “Financial Approval Form” (the name of the invoice title shall be consistcircular和circle区别ent with the name of the receivithrift的动词ng account).

(3) If the handling personnel have paid the relevant expenses, they shall fill in the “Financextravagant什么意思ial Approval Form” when reimbursing the expenses, and provide the legal invoice, elecwastebaskettronic settlement form (crethriftinessdit card payment receipt, or e-bank or wechat transfercircular怎么读 screenshot) and the detailed list of expethriftnses.

(4) It iwillings forbidden to lwill的过去式isoppo应用商店下载安装t, transfer or conceal expenses in the name of holdcircular是什么意思ing meetings or training; It is propromoting是什么意思hibited to list other expromoting是什么意思penditures in the name of holding meetings or training.

“Diligent to cultivate morality, thrift to raise virtue”. I hope that you will not only advocate thrift in lion activities, but also in life and work, and adwaste是什么意思中文翻译vocawill后面动词什么形式te green, low-carbon, circular and swillingnessustainthrift的动词able life style. With posiwill是情态动词吗tive energy, we will guide more people around us to joinwaste是什么意思中文翻译 the team of thrift and make a contribution to building a conservation-oriented society.

Shenzhen Lions Club

May 27, 2017

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