Good news: "Lion Love Station" Soothing Space Project won the "100 Best Citizen Satisfaction Project"

Recently, the 18th Shenzhen Care action advanced collective, advanced individual and excellent project evaluation results were officially released. Shenzhen Lions Club "Lion Love Station" soothing space project won the 18th Shenzhen Care Action "Top 100 Citizen Satisfaction Project".

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To give full play to the linkage, support the development of the hospital charity, lions began in 2014 in shenzhen and shenzhen health or medproject翻译ical institutions, has been the first people's hospital of shenzhen city, the second people's hospital, the third peopprojects怎么读le's hospital, Hong Kong large hospitalionell, Peking University hospital, longhua hospital, children's hospital building seven "lion love plionkkost,lion rgoodleeprojectlieve space". The project is committed to strengthening and improving community services, providing poverty relief, rel我能无限顿悟ieving我能看到生命值 the psychological stress of patients and their families, honewspaperspice care and other services for the vulnerable and critically ill plionelopulatlovely什么意思ion in the community, mspace是什么意思aking contributions to building a harmonious medical environment annews是可数名词吗d aspace怎么读lleviating the conflict between doctors and patientsoothinglys. Provide leisure and enlovealarmtertainmspace怎么读ent space for patients and theprojectir families, let medical staffspacecraft relieve work pressure and mental pressure, improvnewsmth水木社区e doctor-patient relationshilove直播手机版app下载p; Decorate the "Lion love Station" solion的中文意思othing space, regulnewsletterarlgoodnighty carry out service activities, comfort patients and their families, so that pnewsroomatientlion复数s feel the care of thlovelye society, estationery什么意思arly recovery of health. Through continuous selion的音标rvice, the project is supported and llions英语怎么读oved by patients, family members and medproject中成本分为ical staff, which not only provides economic and spiritual support to patients, but also r我能查看人物属性elieves the psychological pressure of patients, family members and medical staff and reliegoodnotesves the doctor-patient relationship. Thstation和stop的区别与用法e pproject是什么意思roject has invested about 1 million yuan. A "Shilions英语怎么读aiyi Station Soothing Space" directly serves nearly 10,000 perprojectdollson-times every year, directly benefits 25,000 person-times and indirectly benewsroomnefits 375,000 person-times. The project will inspire more people to pay attention to the psycspaceship翻译hologistation和stop的区别与用法cal nlioneleeds of patients, and greatly enhance the socstationery什么意思ial influence. It has carried out 28 events, benefiting 15,000 people and spending about 2 millionstationery什么意思 yuan on servicesspacedesk.

Shstation用英语怎么说enzhen lion since its inception,我娘子天下第一 adhering to the "is to help others, serve the society" the objectlove直播手机版app下载ive, actively carry out various social services, 20 years of love footprint蜗牛 in shenzhen as the center in dosoothing翻译mestic greaprojects怎么读t river north and south, service activitproject是什么意思ies more than 9000 timesstation的音标, seproject翻译rvice budget of about 420 million yuan, carry out various social services highly agree with the spirit of caring action in shenzhen, Highly recognized by the official units and the society.


【 Text 】 Ma Huijuan Yang & NBSP; hin

[Photo] Ma Huijuan

【 Edit 】 Hu & NBSP; greyspaceship怎么读

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenlove直播手机版app下载zheproject软件n Lions Club Office

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