Central Region Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2021-2022 term change

On August 27, 2021, the inaugural ceremony of the service team of Shenzhen Lions Club Central District for 2021-2022 was heldhold是什么意思 at Tanggong Seafregion和area的区别ood Restceremony的名词aurant, 5th floor, Ping An International Hotel, Caitian North Road, Futiregionsan District. Zhang Guojun, Director of Lions Club International,hold不住 Zheng Degang,regions Vice President of Liserviceableons Cluceremony用什么介词b In Chcentral翻译ina, Su Zeran, former presidentinaugural of Lions Club in Shenzhen, Guo Yongyong, President of Lions Club in Shenzhen, Tian Wangxing, Peng Daojian, Second Vice President Nie Xiangdong, former presidents Weng Hua, Shi Jceremonyianyong, Xiao Xingping, Dai Tongxin, Vice supervisor long Deng Yi, secretary-general candidate Lai Zhuoni, director Xu Qiubin, Tan Feiceremony同义词, Li Zhou, kevinbales, WenYaoLi, Li Chunchang, li li, chairman of proposed zone Chen Xusheng, Wu Jinzhi, li xiaofeng, guang-yu fan, aspiring linlin, chairman of the partition, anikayoo fly, li bin, Yu Xiaoping, zhang wei, guoliang, Wcentralisedan Xiaoyun, Cao Mei show, Wen Zhiyong, wu with Joan, FeiJunregion和area的区别, Supervisors Zhou Zhihui, Yu Hui, Hcentral的名词uang Shaofang, Wang Haiyan, Li Chunping, mentor Li Wenqiu, Chen Shaohua, Liregionao Maohua, Lin Yanzhuo, Cao Yan, Bi Yongtao, Chen Lu, distinguished group guest representativinauguraladdress课件ppte Chen Xian and other leaders of lion friends, central service team lion friends, service team representatives and carinregion和area的区别g personage attended theteams ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Xie Zhouling and preshold翻译ided over byholding Cao Yan.


With the chorus of “Ode to the Motherland” sung by all the lion friends of the Central District Service Team, the lion brothers and sisters came on stage confidently and confidently waving the national flag like a group oinaugural是什么意思f lions. The inaugurcentralizeation cteamworkeremony of the central District Steam什么意思ervice Team in 2021-2022 officially kicked off.

Cao Yan presided over the openiserviceng cereteammony. Xie Zhuling, president of the conference, rang the bell to announce the beginregionalning of the ceremony and deliverecentralisedd aceremony翻译 welcome speech. Xu Qiubin introduced the guceremony造句ests.

Xie Yan made a summary of the last year’s work of the central district service team. The lion friends of tregion形容词he central district servicservice是什么意思中文翻译e team served with a happy smile, standardized the lion affairs, cared for the lion friends, actively spread the lion cuceremony怎么读ltservice的名词ure, and paid love, passed love and interpreted love in the virtuous doing, which wteams会议as recognized by all sectorsinaugural是什么意思 of the society.


Yao Jie financial department made the financial report of the central district service team in the last year, which clearly showed the financial income and expenditure of the service team in the lasceremony怎么读t year.


In the past year, every activity is inseparablhold的过去式和过去分词e fromteams会议 the active participation and enthusiastic dedicateamviewertion of tregionhe lion friends who love giving. To appreciate the generosity of the community and caring enterprises in the past year, the Central District Servcentralizeice Team commended, rewarded and paid tribute to the lion friends, service teams and caring enterprises.

Mr. Zhang Kwok-kwan, director of theceremony Central District Service Team, deliveteamworkred a speech. He said he was deeply moved to attend the inauguration ceremony. As one of the outstanding service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club,teams the central Service Team has been established for 16 years. He praised the participation, teamwork spirit and outstanding achievements of the central Service Team.


The Lions sash and hammer symbolize duty and honor. Theregional英语怎么读 exciting handover ceremony, witnessed by all lion friends and leading guests,central&kitty Xie Yan last captain will be ribbon and hammer handed over to Captain Wang Xiangbo, handed over is a heritage, the next is a responsibility; What I have handed over is my wish, what I have taken on is my heavyceremony造句 responsibility, and what I have done is a poholdweinaugural addressr to move forward.



New Year, new journey. Captain Wang Xiangbo dhold的过去式和过去分词elivered his inaugural speech, showing the annual work plan and annual goals to all lion friends, and promised to walk hinaugural是什么意思and in hand with the lion brothers and sisters in the public welfare road, happy service. He thanked yan last team leaderteams for hiregion形容词s great love and dedication over the past year, thanked the central district service team lion friends for their strong suppceremony是什么意思ort, and thanked Zhou Ling, chairservice翻译man of the conference and thold的过去形式he executive team for their hard work for the change of leadership activities. He hopes that allteamo the leaderscentralised of the central District Serviteam什么意思ce teamserviceable and all the lion friends wiholdingll continue to support and encourage him. In the coming year, he will lead the central District service team lion friends to work together, do a good job in service, carry on the past, make great achievemencentral翻译ts and continue to write brilliant!

Captain Wang Xiangbo led the team memberceremony用什么介词s of the New Year in the witness of the lecentral和center区别ader lion friends, read the inaugural commitment, and awarded the appointmenhold的过去式和过去分词t certificate. Then, Captain Wang xiangbteam是什么意思翻译o awarded the certificate of appcentralointment to the executive chairman wceremony的音标ho was responsible for 12 activities of the central District Service team this year, and led all the lion friends of the central District Service team tinaugural address课文ppto review the commitment letter of membership on the stage.

President Guo Yongyong higceremony的音标hly appreciated the achievements of the central District Service team, highly recognized the posteamoitive efforts of the lion frservicebioiends, and expressed his encouragement and hope for the cohesion and inheritance of the central Districentral parkct service team. He looked forward to the lion friends working together and making greater contributions to the development of the public welfare cause!


Zheng Degang, vice president of China Lions Association, fully affihold不住rmed the achievements of the central Districteamot Service team since its establishment, highly praised the central District Service team for its excellent completion of the service projects of thecentral park previous year, and hoped that the central Districceremonyt Service team would make persistent efforts and achieve more achievementservice和serve的区别shold翻译.


Xiao Xingping, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club and founding team leader of central District Service Team, gave a speech of gratituteamsde to the lion finauguraladdress课件pptriends for their hard work, for the sponsorshiteamop and suppoteamort of all lion friends and carihold键是什么功能ngteam什么意思 enterprises, and especiallycentral怎么读 for the silent attention, support and dedication of the lion friends who attended the cereregionsmony andceremony同义词 the staff on stage and behind the scenes!


The chairperson of the Conference rang the bell and adjourned to annteamviewerounce the successful inauguration ceremonyhold的过去形式 of the central Service Team in 2021-202central的名词2.

Lucky draw acentral和center区别nd dinner, Fang Shilei lion brotteams手机版her and Wang Xiaoying lion sister hosted the opening, lion friendinaugurals show talent, a wonderful program to the climax of the phold的过去形式arty.

In the past 16 years, the Central Distteamprorict Service Team has stayed true to its original aspiration, weathered the wind and racentral的名词in, and forged ahead hand in hand on the road of public welfare.


Byceremony的名词 Wang Xiaoying

Photo/Wang Xiaoying

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